2022 Stanley Cup Final – The best scenes, moments and breakdown from the Colorado Avalanche-Tampa Bay Lightning game 3

The Stanley Cup champions could be in serious trouble. The Tampa Bay LightningWinners of consecutive titles, re-enter their homeland, down 2-0 to the Colorado Avalanche.

It's not the Stanley Cup Final's two-game deficit, it's the way the Avalanche have won. Both Colorado and Tampa took early leads in both games. In Game 2, Colorado completely dominated Tampa. Goaltender Andrei VasilevskiyOn Saturday,, one the greatest postseason goalies in NHL History, was blitzed with seven goals.

According to ESPN Stats and Information, the seven-goal margin in Game 2 was the largest in Cup Final games in the past 30 seasons. This was the third consecutive postseason in which Tampa allowed at least four goals, after not doing so in the previous two seasons.

“Is it painful losing a game such as that?” For sure. It's not something we are used to. “It doesn't happen to us,” said Tampa coach Jon Cooper.

Vasilevskiy allowed nine goal in the Eastern Conference Finals against The New York Rangers The Lightning managed to win the series. There is still hope.

Will the home-ice difference make a difference, or will the Colorado scoring bang continue? We'll find out in game 3.

Tampa Bay is down, but not out

Is this the ideal situation? Nope. Is the series finished? It's far from over. This Lightning hype video will make Tampa Bay fans run through a wall just before puck drop. Probably.

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