2022 Stanley Cup playoffs Conn Smythe Watch heading to conference final round

Determining “value” within the Stanley Cup playoffs This can be very difficult. Although it's not nearly as difficult as defining possession in the Western Conference finals. Edmonton Oilers Fans who scream about the NHL's offside rules following Game 1 will tell you.

To me, value in the playoffs comes down to a combination between statistical achievement as well as seizing the moment. I don't look for compilers. I want players who make magic when it matters most. Or, failing this, performing a performance so historical that it can't be overlooked

Here's my opinion on the MVP race for the four final teams. These include the favorites, runners-up, sleepers, and the sleepers.

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs Conn Smythe Watch heading to conference final round2022 Stanley Cup playoffs Conn Smythe Watch heading to conference final round

The favourite: Cale Makar

Makar has scored 16 points in 11 games for the Avalanche. This includes a Game 2 overtime winner against the Avalanche. Nashville Predators Makar established an NHL record of 10 points for defensemen in the first round. He did this with his first four games in the postseason. He was less vocal against the St. Louis BluesHe made his presence felt with three points against the Oilers in Game 1.

If he Devon Toews Are able to achieve success against Connor McDavid His case will be strengthened in the conference final. He is loved by the voters: He has won the Calder and been a Norris finalist in the past two year. He is loved by the NHL video review staff, but not as much.

Alternative: Nathan MacKinnon

It's basically an even draw between Makar and MacKinnon. With nine goals and fifteen points, the Avalanche center is tied second in the playoffs. It was a shame that MacKinnon's iconic playoff moment was ruined by the Blues' overtime win in Game 6. In Game 6, MacKinnon scored four points and completed a stunning hat trick with one the most dramatic end-to-end goals ever recorded in Stanley Cup playoff history. It would have been a strong calling card for his Conn cause. I also believe MacKinnon and would be happy to give him the Conn Smythe. Perhaps to test his self-satisfaction, and the human smile that comes with it.

The pick for the sleeper: Nazem Kadri

Kadri now has 11 points with six goals in the postseason. This includes his emotional hat trick against the Blues in Game 4 in the aftermath of those abhorrent racist comments and threats After his collision that left St. Louis goalie injured, he had to face many challenges. Jordan Binnington. It could be exciting if he can deliver a strong conference final performance — he's off on a positive start — Particularly if he doesn't leave the Department of Player Safety docket.

The least valuable are: Andre Burakovsky

Burakovsky currently has five points from nine games but his expected goals percentage is minus-20.41 relative to his teammates. In the second round, he saw his ice reduced and was a healthy scratch for the Blues. Burakovsky is no stranger to big postseason moments. Washington Capitals Fans will be the ones to testify.

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs Conn Smythe Watch heading to conference final round

Connor McDavid is the favorite

The Human Cheat Code has now reached 29 points in 13 matches, ranking No. 5 for the highest points-per-game average in one postseason (2.23), behind Wayne Gretzky (1983-1985, 1988). Mario Lemieux (1992). This is the history we are witnessing. If you've ever read this space, you'll know I fully support Connor McDavid being considered — and winning — the Conn-Smythe even if Oilers fail to make it to the Stanley Cup Final. It's not an award for just the last round, unlike other sports. McJesus is the only person who could prove that three rounds are sufficient to establish dominance. Unless you…

Alternative: Leon Draisaitl

Draisaitl finishes the postseason with a higher average points-per-game and makes it into postseason history, having the fifth-greatest offensive year of all time. Draisaitl's problem is that he plays in the shadows of a generational talent, who will be given the majority of the credit for pulling the Oilers to the championship rounds. McDavid was a Hart Trophy finalist for four years, while Draisaitl only once received a nomination (and won). He's the Pippen of Connor's Jordan. Oder maybe it's McDavid’s Mario, the Jagr?

The pick for the sleeper: Mike Smith

Everyone's favorite Agent of Chaos He was pulled in Game 1 to the Western Conference finals. This means that Mike Smith's law will allow him to respond with four consecutive shutouts. Maximum chaos would be the NHL’s most hated goaltender, who was named playoff MVP over a new generation of talent. This is why Mike Smith is so on-brand. (In spite of his Game 1 win, Smith still ranks fifth in the number of goals saved that were expected for the postseason.

The least valuable are: Josh Archibald

Archibald has a lower expected goals percentage than his teammates and has had a score differential of minus-50. He is skating at 9:47 per match and has been outscored Zack Kassian. Enjoy the good times.

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs Conn Smythe Watch heading to conference final round

The favourite: Nikita Kucherov

Victor Hedman Conn Smythe Award in 2020. Andrei Vasilevskiy The Conn Smythe 2021 winner. Kucherov is now ready to eat his dinner, if Lightning has made three consecutive wins. We mean a cooler stocked with Bud Light cans. Kuch leads the Lightning's playoffs scoring, and is as adept at even strength as he has been on the powerplay. It was worth it for the postseries win speech. we saw last season.

Alternative: Andrei Vasilevskiy

It's possible to win back-to-back MVP awards in the playoffs. We saw Sidney Crosby The Conn Smythe award that should have been won Phil Kessel In 2016, and one more justly deserved in 2017, It's not unusual for a goalie win two straight games. Philadelphia Flyers In 1974 and 1975, Bernie Parent was the legend. For the Bolts, Vasilevskiy has been amazing again. He continues to dominate games in which Tampa Bay has eliminated other opponents. If he defeats his countryman and likely Vezina winner, the Big Cat's Conn Spythe case could grow significantly Igor Shesterkin In the conference final.

The pick for the sleeper: Ross Colton

I know I am supposed to be discussing Colton's offensive output as well as how he's been the driving force behind another fantastic Lightning checking line. Colton, like I, was raised in a family that values safety and respect for others. New Jersey Devils fan. He stated that he used the train to get from Jersey to see Rangers play Devils at MSG. It means he is a Devils fan trying eliminate Rangers from the playoffs. This scenario is wild hockey fantasy camp for any NJD fan.

Beyond that, he also remembered watching. Adam HenriqueI felt that it was my goal to defeat the Rangers at a Sweet 16 party 2012 and, frankly, it was a great idea. seen. I vividly remember watching Game 2 at a friend’s Sweet 16 in Jersey. There were Devils fans there who found a TV at a random room in the rental hall to view the game while the rest of us did the “Electric Slide.” Anyway, Ross Colton for Conn Smythe.

The least valuable are: Cal Foote

The Lightning have very few candidates for this award. We'll choose defenseman Foote as our nominee. He has a minus-10 expected goal percentage relative to his teammates, is underwater in shot attempts and scoring opportunities at 5-on-5, and averages less than 12 minutes per game.

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs Conn Smythe Watch heading to conference final round

Favorite: Igor Shesterkin

The Rangers aren't afraid to call the 26 year-old goalie their best, and they shouldn't be embarrassed. In the first round, he had to figure out his playoff bearings. He was pulled twice in Pittsburgh. He has been in Vezina form ever since, with two Game 7 wins. It was a fantastic postseason for him, especially the fact that he scored as many points (33) as he did in Game 7. Kaapo Kakko You can play 14 different games.

Alternative: Adam Fox

Fun fact: In 1994, the Stanley Cup was not won by the Rangers. Mike Richter He won the Conn Smythe. It was defenseman Brian LeetchHe was the leader in scoring. Although it's difficult to imagine the Rangers winning The Cup, Shesterkin and Fox deserve the credit. However, Fox could lead the team in scoring while also skating over 26 minutes per games and playing solid defense.

The pick for the sleeper: Chris Kreider

Mika Zibanejad Kreider was the Rangers' most prolific forward in terms of points, but he had the team lead for goals after only two rounds. Sometimes it's not all about the points, but how they are scored. Kreider scored two goals in Game 6 against the Penguins and another in the Game 7 match against them. He also had an assist against Game 6 against the Penguins and two goals against Hurricanes.

The least valuable are: Ryan Reaves

Reavo is loved by everyone. Reavo brings the thunder and throws the body. However, he is an ineffective 5-on-5 team player and couldn't stop the Canes from having their sex after Game 3. You had only one job!

As the third round begins, that's the Conn Smythe Watch. We are certain that the Stanley Cup Final will make a dramatic change in the picture. We can also give it to Jake Oettinger For all he did for the Dallas Stars Take the first round and call this a day

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs Conn Smythe Watch heading to conference final round

Jersey Fouls of Week

It's me, from…

The Carolina Hurricane Foul still manages to be a tribute to Deadpool's humor and color scheme. The primary superpower of “Merc With The Mouth”, which is an accelerated healing factor that can be used to heal a broken heart caused by ineptitude on the part of one's team during a Game 7 at home ice, should not be overlooked.

Video of the Week

Dave Jackson was over in the corner reading the NHL rulesbook the first time I met him in Bristol. It seemed so delightfully cliché for an ex-NHL referee that I knew I was going to like the guy immediately.

He released this video The breakdown of Cale Makar Play from Game 1 between the Colorado Avalanche And the Edmonton Oilers Half of the hockey world was furious at the injustice inflicted on the Oilers. It does a good work explaining why the call was made on the ice correctly and was accepted by the NHL situation area, even though the eye test was not passed.

A misinterpretation in the rulebook was the reason for much of the fury surrounding this decision. Particularly Rule 83.3, which states that “if during the delay off-side, any member or attacking team touches puck [or] An attempt to seize a loose puck”. The linesman then stops play for an offside offense.

Many fans believed that Makar was covered by this rule, but it only applied to Makar and his teammate. Valeri NichushkinHe was the one who was tagging on the delayed offside. Scouting The Refs is a great site for hockey information. this isn't the first time a challenge like this on a play like that failed.

All of this leads us to the inevitable truth: we need to stop reviewing offside plays. Pucks crossed the goal line? Yes. Goalie interference? Yes. Are there any delay in making game calls when a goal is not scored? Sure. However, despite all the rules being precise, offside is still a subjective decision that is subject to human error. It often has nothing to do the goal that was scored. For example, 90 seconds after a missed call by the linesman, a defending side has every opportunity to clear the zone.

The NFL doesn't allow officials to review a missed start. It is a simple error that has minimal impact on the play. The NHL should have it as well.

The week's winners and losers

Winner: Jason Spezza

Jason Spezza's retirement is one of those moments in hockey history when everyone can celebrate the greatness of a player and a great guy. This is our favorite take:To Kids Growing Up in the 2000s, Jason Spezza Made the Sens Cool.” It is not easy!

Loser: Jordan Binnington

We appreciate your candor when explaining. why he threw an empty water bottle at Nazem Kadri In a postgame interview, he said that it was a “God-given chance” to “[give him] “Something to think About” sounds like God needs to be more careful about granting those opportunities.

Winner: This commercial

It's not the best ad, but it is a good one. Detroit Red Wings It was strange to erase! We love anything that highlights the timeless nature and legacy of the Stanley Cup for each generation of champions.

Loser this cursed picture

Even though they may not be fierce rivals anymore, it doesn't mean we can't have. Sidney Crosby The Cup was passed to the person who stopped his team from three-peating. It's almost like Liam Gallagher giving Damon Albarn a platinum album. Sid would have 100% made it. Chris Kunitz Instead, do this.

Winner: Martin St. Louis

We're still processing Martin St. Louis’s journey from Hockey Hall of Fame participant to local hockey coach to interim coach of the NHL. Montreal Canadiens — Without ever being behind an NHL bench! To a multiyear contract as head coach Montreal. Martin St. Louis is a man you should never underestimate, as he has proven throughout his career.


Listen to Hurricanes coach Rod Brind'Amour After Carolina's elimination, it was clear that he felt Carolina didn't have an elite goal scorer to make a difference in Game 7. That is the right thing to do. Andrei SvechnikovHe had scored four goals in 14 playoff contests.

In a certain sense, the Hurricanes Florida Panthers The second round ended in the same spot as the first round. They had waited for 30 power plays to score a goal, but they never came. This is not just what we see from the outside.

Winner: Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres teamed up with the Buffalo Bills' and the National Lacrosse League’s Buffalo Bandits to market “Choose Love” shirts, which raised more than $1,000,000 support the East Buffalo community and victims impacted by the mass shooting last month. Well done.

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