2022 Stanley Cup playoffs: Jacob Trouba doesn’t consider himself to be the villain

NEW YORK — Jacob Trouba Does not spend too much time thinking about his perceived evil.

Many NHL fans are avid NHL fans. They watch the games. New York Rangers Defenseman use open-ice checks to pulverize his opponents, sometimes with very injurious consequences. They demand that penalties are not whistled. They want suspensions that aren’t given. Trouba says he hears them and boos him whenever he touches the puck.

With one exception, however.

He admitted that he had heard them in Pittsburgh. “I don’t think too much about this, I guess. It's just the way I've played it all my life.”

Trouba's Penguins star hit Sidney CrosbyThe Rangers' playoff trajectory was changed by the loss of the former in Game 5, and his subsequent absence from Game 6 of their first round series. His hits include Max Domi Seth Jarvis In the second round, against the Carolina Hurricanes Two crucial games were altered that led to New York victories.

“It looks like he could change the tide for us when it is needed. “There were probably one or two major ones that everybody kind of sees. But there are many others that wear guys down,” Rangers defenseman Adam Fox said. It can be very hard on teams. It's not something that will be mentioned on every box score.

While it may not be in the box score but it does make social media. Rangers fans refer to the act affectionately as “Trouba’d” and opposing fans blast the hits. Opposing coaches inferred that Trouba wanted to injure others in postgame discussion.

“I suppose I don't pay too much attention to the outside narrative.” Trouba said with a smile, “My Twitter does,” Trouba added. “You get inside of the [dressing] Room and you're just another member of the team.”

He skates almost 25 minutes per game, contributes occasionally offense, and delivers those devastating checks. New York center Kevin Rooney He was a “special” player in the Rangers' totality of his game.

He stated that “Troubs has been such an example on and off the ice” for his group. “And when you get the other team thinking a bit, that's always good.”

Or, as Rangers forward Chris Kreider Put it this way: “Another person I'm happy with to play with and no against.”

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs: Jacob Trouba doesn’t consider himself to be the villain

When discussing Trouba, Rangers general manager Chris Drury The name of Adam FooteA former teammate of his with Colorado Avalanche He is considered one of the best physical defensemen of his era.

“He is a hard worker. A little throwback. Drury stated, “He's not a nonsense man, day in and out.”

Gerard Gallant, Rangers coach, teamed up with another throwback player: Hockey Hall of Famer Scott StevensHis injurious hits were celebrated in his time, but today's player safety standards would make him a demon.

“Scott Stevens is always there for me. Gallant stated that it is important to keep your head up when you are on the ice.

The Rangers' first-round defeat of Pittsburgh was won by Crosby. They trailed 3-1 throughout the series. In the second period, they trailed by 2-0. Crosby intercepted a clearing effort near the slot. Crosby lunged for control as he tried to get the puck. Trouba skated through himCrosby was then dropped to the ice. The Penguins star took on two more shifts before he left the game.

Gallant stated, “As great as Sid is a player, he does lots of twisting and turning away from guys.” “Troubs tried to play the puck and his elbow was a bit too high on him. He had no intention. He was not trying to harm anyone. He wasn't trying to run people through the glass. That's for certain.”

Mike Sullivan, the Pittsburgh coach, disagreed and inferred that Trouba intended to injure. The NHL Department of Player Safety decided that there was no intention and did not punish Trouba.

That game was won by the Rangers. Crosby was out and they won Game 6. Crosby returned in Game 7, but not as efficient as he was in earlier games. The Rangers defeated the Penguins.

Trouba scored two crucial hits in the series against Hurricanes. With the Rangers trailing by 2-1, Game 4 was played. he laid out Domi The Carolina forward seemed to have lost an edge. On-ice officials did not believe that the hit, which appeared to be catastrophic at full speed, warranted a penalty.

Carolina forward Steven Lorentz Trouba jumped Trouba because he believed the hit deserved vengeance. The Rangers were able to tie the series with a power play that resulted from the instigator penalty.

“That's on you. It's hard. It's hard. Lorentz said that while I thought I was doing right, the game was so fast.

Andrew Copp Trouba's was the Rangers' “biggest play” Defenseman Justin Braun Respected Trouba's reaction to Lorentz following him.

“His response to that keeps the guys going. He might be the best at timing those hits. You have to catch guys. It's important to know when he is out there. Braun stated that if you don't know when he's out there, you'll get in trouble.”

Trouba scored again in Game 7. Jarvis, a rookie who was a key offensive player for Hurricanes, moved puck in the attacking area. Another second passed. Trouba plowed through him with a hard but legal hit. Jarvis was forced to leave the game at 7:10 in the first period after only three shifts. Carolina suffered its only home loss in the playoffs when the Rangers won the game by a rout.

Crosby and Jarvis's hits serve as reminders that hockey can be inherently harmful, even when the rules allow for physical play. Trouba's playoffs highlights of rocking and socking can have a dramatic effect on Trouba, but there are others who can suffer.

Crosby sustained a head injury. ESPN's Emily Kaplan reported that Crosby had a concussion. Crosby's agent Pat Brisson later informed Kaplan that the term concussion could be used loosely but that head injuries can be very serious. “The Penguins are very careful and smart.”

Jarvis claimed that he experienced memory loss after the Trouba strike in the Rangers series.

“I don't recall anything until half-way through the next morning. It can be a bit frightening when you don’t remember anything, and the doctors have to tell you what you were doing,” he stated. “I don’t remember getting hit, or getting off of the ice. It's definitely scary to see that stuff or hear it from others.

Trouba's criticism would be more incisive if the hits were subject to penalties. They didn't. In fact, the same referee worked all three of these games Trouba hits: Wes McCauley was named the NHLPA's best on-ice official for 2018.

Trouba could also be called a headhunter if his hits merited additional discipline from the NHL Department of Player Safety. Trouba was not suspended nor fined. A source told ESPN that Trouba didn't even get warneds that his hits were illegal.

The NHL has suspended him once and he was allowed to play in two games.Ottawa Senators Winger Mark Stone 2016-17 There was nothing more.

“Jacob's a very clean player, who is also a great hockey player. He plays a good honest game,” Gallant said. Gallant said, “He isn't trying to hurt anyone out there.”

Trouba was born February 1994 in Rochester, Michigan. People who think Trouba is a young player imitating Scott Stevens are wrong.

“You guys are going be disappointed to know this, but I haven't watched a lot hockey growing up. I was more of a [Nicklas] LidstromTrouba said “Red Wings guy, in my backyard”, citing the antithesis against booming hit defensemen.

He joined the U.S.'s national development team in 2010 He is the author of The Winnipeg Jets drafted him No. In 2012, he was drafted 9th overall. He played a season for the University of Michigan before joining Jets in 2013-14. He was a part of 408 games.

He was unhappy about his position on the depth charts and requested a trade. He signed a two year contract in November 2016 to stay in Winnipeg. When GM Kevin Cheveldayoff informed him that he would be being traded in 2018, he was a restricted-free agent. Trouba wanted to play in an American team. He was looking for a more convenient location to be with his partner Kelly Tyson who was in Florida medical school.

He was traded to the Rangers in June 2019 For a 2019 first-round selection and defenseman Neal Pionk. Following the trade, he signed an agreement worth $56 million for seven years.

Trouba's three seasons as a New Yorker weren't widely appreciated. His promise of a 50-point season in 2018-19 with the Jets was not fulfilled. He's still not able to score at a pace of one point per 60 minutes with the Rangers. However, he has contributed some offensively with 78 points in his 189 games.

He's so consistent. He has been our most consistent player this year, despite how hard he works. He is getting to his game and establishing the D-zone. Kreider: “Calm down the back end.”

His physicality has remained constant, however: His open-ice hits, in which he can skate with speed and keep his body compact. Rangers fans refer to his opponents being hit by the “Trouba Train” and this visual is not inaccurate.

Tampa Bay Lightning Jon Cooper is watching his players navigate dangerously frozen waters against Trouba during the Eastern Conference finals. Trouba has been playing this way for years. Cooper even coached Trouba at World Cup of Hockey. Team North America. While waiting for the Lightning to play in the third round, he saw Trouba hit Jarvis on Game 7. Trouba called it an “unfortunate outcome” and said that nobody wants it to happen to another player.

“Everybody is well aware of the men that can hit you. Cooper stated that if you are going into a corner with Trouba and not someone on your team, you might have a slightly different mindset. He's been a great player in this league, and a strong physical presence. You do require that for teams to advance and he is one of those guys.”

Six wins away from the Stanley Cup, the Rangers are now further than anyone thought possible. No matter how you win, the Rangers will be there. 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs New York's most memorable event will be Trouba's influence on his opponents.

“I don't think anyone enjoys being hit. Fox agreed, saying that Fox was a good example of this.

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