3ICE Hockey League unveils their inaugural rosters

An ex-NHL winger Ryan MaloneJeremy Brodeur, son of Hockey Hall of Famer goalie Martin BrodeurThe inaugural season of 3ICE will see six teams play 3-on-3 hockey.

Malone, 42, played 11 NHL seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay LightningAnd New York Rangers. Brodeur, 25 was a goalie with the ECHL Maine Mariners during this season.

3ICE will host tournaments in nine North American locations this summer featuring NHL legends coaching the teams. Each game will be played in two eight-minute periods. The clock runs on a full-sized rink. Each team will consist of seven players, one goalie and six games over nine weeks.

Guy Carbonneau and Jean-Pierre Lemieux are the coaches for the inaugural season. Grant Fuhr, John LeClair, Joe Mullen, Larry MurphyAnd Bryan Trottier. Other than Brodeur (Team Carbonneau) and Malone (Team Fuhr), the 3ICE rosters also include:

Mike Lundin(Team Fuhr), A defenseman who played 252 games for the Lightning Minnesota WildAnd Ottawa Senators.

Jeff Taffe(Team Fuhr), A center who played 180 career game, most of which with the then-Phoenix Coyotes.

Chris Mueller(Team Murphy), A center who was part of the five-season run with the Nashville Predators, Dallas StarsNew York Rangers.

Bobby Farnham(Team Trottier), A winger who played 67 NHL Games, most of them with Team Trottier New Jersey Devils.

Jayce Hawryluk(Team Leclair), A center who played 98 NHL matches, most of them with The Florida Panthers.

T.J. Hensick(Team Leclair), A center who played 112 NHL matches with the St. Louis BluesAnd Colorado Avalanche.

The 3ICE season starts on Saturday, June 18, at Las Vegas' Orleans Arena. It's also the location of the league championship weekend, which takes place on Aug. 20.

Here's the first 3ICE season roster:

Team Carbonneau Jeremy Brodeur, USA (Goalie); JC Campagna, USA; Nick Lalonde, Canada; Samson Mahbod, Canada; Aaron PalushajUSA: Steven Seigo Canada, Jordan Southorn Canada

Team Fuhr: Semus Donohue, USA; Peter Lenes, USA; Mike Lundin, USA; Ryan Malone, USA; Matt Petgrave, Canada; Ty Rimmer, Canada (Goalie); Jeff Taffe, USA.

Team LeClair: Jayce Hawryluk, Canada; TJ Hensick, USA; Alex Kile, USA; Brennan Mennell, USA; Tyler Sandhu, Canada; Dalton Skelly, USA; Blake Weyrick, USA (Goalie).

Team Mullen: Aaron Berisha, Canada; Kevin Fitzgerald, USA; Rob Flick, Canada; Connor LaCouvee, Canada (Goalie); Patrick Mullen, USA; Brock Trotter, Canada; Joe Whitney, USA.

Murphy Team: Mark Auk, USA; Patrick Kudla, Canada; Colton Hargrove, USA; Eamon McAdam, USA (Goalie); Griffen Molino, USA; Chris Mueller, USA; Matt Revel, Canada.

Team Trottier: Kevin Beech, USA (Goalie); Cam Brown, USA; Chad Costello, USA; Sean Dhooge, USA; Bobby Farnham, USA; Matt Foget, Canada; Jake Newton, USA.

A “taxi squad”, a group of former NHL players, is also available. Jared Aulin, Chris BourqueAnd Leland Irving.

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