A rare T-206 Honus Wagner card was sold privately for $7.25M

Goldin's collectibles marketplace announced Thursday that a T-206 Honus Wagner had been sold in a private sale at $7.25 million. This is an all-time high for a card of this type.

The figure eclipsed the $6.606 million fetched Another T-206 Wagner was almost one year ago.

Sportscard Guaranty Corp. gave the Wagner's most recent sale a 2/10; the record-breaking Wagner in 2021 received a 3.

Ken Goldin, the executive chairman and founder, stated in a statement that there is no card on earth quite like a T206 Card. “There is a reason that no Wagner card has ever sold for less money than it was purchased previously. The card is art and history. It's folklore.”

The folklore of the card Its rarity (between 50-60 copies are known) and many theories about why so few Wagners exist.

  • Wagner's printing plate breaking during production

  • Copyright dispute between an artist and a tobacco company

  • Wagner's family, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Wagner's children have all suggested that Wagner wanted to discourage smoking to children. They asked for the card to be taken out of production.

  • Wagner realized that he would not be compensated fairly because of his name, image, and likeness. This is the most logical explanation.

In any case, the Wagner has been referred to as the Mona Lisa or holy grail of trading cards.

Goldin stated, “The T-206 was one of the main reasons I do what my do.”

The sale is the record-breaking one, but Heritage Auctions has a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Card consigned. It closes in three weeks and currently stands at $7.08million with buyer's premium. Heritage Auctions expects it to close close to $10 million.

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