Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams standout and NFL contract holder, vows that ‘it is about winning for me.

THOUSAND OAKS (Calif.) — One day after the Los Angeles Rams Reworked Aaron DonaldThe NFL's highest-paid non-quarterback,'s contract. However, the defensive lineman said that it wasn't his priority to achieve this distinction.

Donald said, “It was not important.” Donald said, “It was not about other things that were happening in my life that I had that required me to get in the right place. It's a place I have been since Day 1. I grew up with them and became a world champion. I'm willing to do it again and recreate the feeling.

“It's all about winning for me, the pieces are there for that to happen. It's a blessing to be a part of the puzzle, and to be here now, it is.

Sources tell ESPN's Adam Schefter Monday that the Rams modified Donald's deal to give him an additional $40 million over the three years of his current contract. Donald became the first non-quarterback player to surpass $30 million per season with his new contract.

Sean McVay, Rams coach, said that Donald and he had many conversations during the offseason. He also stated that Donald was very open and honest about the things he felt. McVay explained that McVay didn't feel the 31 year-old was averse to retiring because of these conversations.

McVay stated that McVay was in the mindset and mindset of “Hey, there's a business component to it but I want to be a football player.” “And if McVay wanted to play football I think that we were all motivated to figure how we could collaborate and get it done.”

Donald and McVay both pointed out the many conversations they had as they worked toward a new deal during the offseason.

Donald said, “It's great.” “And being more mature and understanding the business side. Sean was very helpful. … He was there when I was. It's not just about the business. There are many aspects of my life that I have to deal with.

He understood that and that is why I love him. Because it was much more than football to me. So I made a decision and spoke to my family about it. I spoke to my children about it. We are here now.

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