Aaron Donald would be at peace with his job if he could not reach a deal with the Los Angeles Rams

Star defensive tackle Aaron Donald Says he would be happy with his job if he and The Los Angeles Rams Can't agree to a contract renewal.

Donald is currently signed through the 2024 season, but there is no guarantee money on his contract. The Rams acknowledged this to be true and are now working on a new deal with him. Sean McVay, Rams' coach, said that Donald had chosen to return for the next season. But, the I Am Athlete podcastDonald indicated that it was contingent upon a new deal.

Donald stated that “it ain't all about the money, and it's still a business at end of the day,” on the podcast hosted by Adam “Pacman”, Jones, former NFL players. LeSean McCoy. “That's all you have to see. It's all about winning. If I can't win, I don't want football. So, if there's a chance to win another Super Bowl, it's worth playing. However, it is still a business. We need to deal with the business side of things. “I will be fine regardless.”

Donald was Donald's eighth season in the NFL. He said that he had discussed retiring after eight seasons. He claimed that winning the Super Bowl did not influence his decision.

“But me speaking about retirement, that was happening long before we won the Super Bowl. Since the day I entered the league, I knew that I would be playing eight years of football and retiring. It's what I have always said. The news broke and everyone thought, “Oh, he said that if he wins the Super Bowl, he would retire.” Nah, I know this because my coaches, teammates and family are all aware. He said that I had said I would play for eight years and that I was likely to be done with football.”

“But winning a Super Bowl can make you a little addicted. It's a feeling I long to experience again. That experience was unlike any other. Even though I would play in the Super Bowl, it is only to win another one. However, it is still a business and made sense to me, my family, and me.

Donald, a 31-year old Defensive Player Award winner, told the podcast that he doesn’t “need to play” football to be “fine.”

“I was blessed to be able play this game. The money I earned, the accomplishments that I achieved in eight years are, like, complete. If I win another one, that would be awesome. But if I don't, I'm at Peace,” he stated.

Donald said that he and Rams will “probably” reach a deal, but that if it isn't, Donald won't go away “mad.”

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