Aaron Rodgers believes Green Bay Packers traded Davante Adam to his surprise

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron RodgersThe former receiver was traded by the team, which he said surprised him. Davante AdamsIn his first public comments since signing a 3-year, $150M extension and the trading of his No. 1 wide receiver.

Speaking during an appearance on the Pat McAfee ShowRodgers indicated that he believes his return to Packers would impact their ability to make a deal for Adams. He said that he had also spoken to Adams before returning.

Rodgers stated that Davante was somewhat surprising. He was clearly still believing that he would return to the game when Rodgers made his decision. “I spoke openly with him about my future plans, where I see my career going and how many years I would like to play. Although he didn't return, I felt that he would. I still love ‘Tae so much and I wish him all the best in Derek in Vegas. That's a huge hole to fill.

Green Bay traded Adams in March to the Las Vegas RaidersHe was a 2022 first-round, and second-round selection. The Raiders signed him to a fiveyear, $141.25m contract which reset the wide receiver market. The Packers were left with a very small receiver pool, which was further exacerbated by his departure. Marquez Valdes-ScantlingSigned with the Kansas City ChiefsOne week later.

The Packers didn't select a receiver even with their second-round pick. This is something that Rodgers has never done in his 17-year career. He said that he wasn't surprised or upset by their decision. He had been communicating with them throughout the night.

The three-time NFL MVP stated that teams need to be careful because there are “a lot of receiver busts” in the first round. Jameson Williams, an ex-Alabama receiver, was called the most “NFL-ready” receiver in the draft. Williams was drafted No. 12 by Detroit division rival. 12 overall.

Rodgers said that he felt the Packers were in the mix for some receivers this offseason, but acknowledged there are challenges to adding a receiver.

“There aren't many teams that would probably trade receivers for Green Bay so I think we might be at the back end of the line for most of these teams,” he stated. “But at one time, I believe if you don't want to pay Davante — clearly, we traded him and he wanted to move on — I don't think that going out and paying another man makes much sense. Although we feel like we have been there, does San Francisco really want trade? Deebo SamuelWe are here for you?

“Packer nation will wonder why we didn’t trade or take a receiver. But at this point, we have to have faith in the organization. I have faith that whatever we bring in tomorrow, we will find a way for Matt's offense success — just like we have always done.

“It's not going be any different this time, we're still going to be there.”

Rodgers mentioned Green Bay's success in finding talent at receivers after their first round — particularly Greg Jennings and Jordy Nielson. Randall CobbJames Jones, Adams

The 38-year-old stated that Adams will be missed by Packers but said it's part and parcel of the NFL's transactional nature.

“It's a difficult business, but it's a great profession. He said that those of us who have been playing for so many years know this well. There are many things that can happen that will surprise you. Davante was willing to accept my offer of a number and to continue playing with me for a few years more. However, he decided that he was ready and willing to move on and asked for my help to make that happen.

“It was a difficult position to be, for sure. I love him and care about him. I want him to feel happy. And he's going to be greatly missed.”

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