Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, is still a favorite despite uncertainty over where he’ll play.

After receiving back-to-back MVP Awards, Aaron RodgersCaesars Sportsbook is pleased to offer a +700 betting option that will allow him to win again.

He will likely stay in Green Bay if he is happy. He won't move to a team that has less talent. He won't go to a team with less talent,” Caesars Sportsbook director Craig Mucklow, trading, told ESPN. However Mucklow also said that he would only travel to a team where he could win a title. “Age doesn't matter because last year, the two top-runners were actually younger.” [Tom]Brady and Rodgers

Rodgers has four quarterbacks under 26 years old joining Rodgers as one of the top five favorite players. Kansas City's Patrick MahomesBuffalo's is the next +700 favorite. Josh Allen (+900), Cincinnati's Joe Burrow(12-1) Justin Herbert(14-11) of the Chargers

It's a large market. It's volatile. It generates a lot interest. Mucklow stated that we will put it up and then move the money.”

Caesars offers odds on Tom Brady (5-time MVP), despite the fact that Brady recently retired from the sport. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In honor of his age, we will be putting Tom Brady up at 45-1 if the greatest of all-time decides that retirement is not as enjoyable as it sounds. Mucklow stated that as a gesture to our customers, if Tom Brady doesn't take any snaps during the season, we will refund all bets.

Derrick Henry(18-1) is not a quarterback among the top nine favorite players. The award has been won nine times in a row by a quarterback and 14 times in the past fifteen seasons. Cooper Kupp (25-1), Jonathan Taylor(30-1) Deebo SamuelThe top 15 favorite are (40-1),

Five of the seven past MVP winners were able to enter the regular season with odds greater than 25-1.

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