After another ACL injury, Twins lose top prospect Royce Lewis.

MINNEAPOLIS Minnesota Twins shortstop Royce Lewis He will need reconstructive ACL surgery to his right knee, which is the second consecutive year of the procedure. It's yet another season-ending setback in the career of the top prospect on the team.

The Twins made the announcement before playing Tampa Bay on Friday night. Lewis will undergo the procedure in the next month. He will need to rest for a full one year. Lewis sustained injuries in the game, May 29, when he was involved in a third-inning collision of the wall and made a hard catch in his only center field appearance.

Initial diagnosis was a bone bruise. However, further examination revealed that the injury was a partial tear of the ligament. This was the same ligament that he had injured last year in an off-season workout. It was repaired on February 26, 2021.

Lewis stated that it didn't make any sense for him to play on a bad knee. “I love my team and would love to play as much as I possibly can. But I don't want my knee to suffer. There are guys who can play these positions very well, so it makes sense for me to take responsibility.

Lewis, who was an optimist and the first overall pick of the 2017 amateur draft, recognized the discouragement caused by this unlucky development.

Lewis stated that it was a temporary setback that will help push me forward. It's all part of everyday life. People get knocked around all the time. People return. The resurrection is even cooler.

The brave prediction of the 23-year-old was that he would be fully recovered sometime in 2023.

“I am not afraid of surgery. That's what I know.” He said that he was certain he was the first time. “If you told me I wasn’t, it would be clear that I was concealing it. Now I have been through it. It's something that I feel I can certainly challenge.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lewis was not able to participate in 2020 games. As he was getting ready to go for 2021, he tore his ACL the first-time. Lewis was able to return to full strength in time for the abbreviated springtraining after the lockout, and was called up for his major league debut on May 6. Carlos Correa He broke his finger.

Much to the dismay Twins fans and his teammates, Lewis was sent back to Triple-A St. Paul to continue playing shortstop after Correa's impressive debut of 11 games. He hit.308 and had four doubles, two homers and five RBIs in 39 at-bats.

Lewis decided his bat was too valuable to pass up, and they figured they could use his talents elsewhere. Lewis was called up again 11 days later, only to be hurt again.

“Helping the Team Win. Anything we can do. I'm a professional baseball player. Lewis said that I am not a guy who claims to be a shortstop. “I would like to be a shortstop. This is the position that I believe I can do best in the future. That's what I've believed since the beginning. Derek Jeter, Correa and all the shortstops I loved growing up. So, if you were to ask me directly what my position is, I would answer, “Shortstop.” But I also play baseball.

Lewis would have been able to shine at shortstop longer if Correa hadn't landed on the COVID-19 lists soon after. He also missed seven games.

Manager Rocco Baldelli said that he would give Lewis a lot credit for the work he did and that he should do it again. He also expressed no regrets about Lewis' use in center field. “Yes, it took over a year. It is a long time, and it is almost impossible to accept that this is happening again. He will do the exact same thing this time, I am sure.”

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