After blockbuster deal, James Harden declares that Philadelphia 76ers are aiming for a NBA championship

CAMDEN, New Jersey James HardenOn Tuesday, he announced his new partnership with the center Joel EmbiidThey can deliver the Philadelphia 76ersTheir first title in nearly 40 years.

Harden spoke out about the blockbuster deal during an introductory news conference at the team’s practice facility. It was a time when I needed to be with guys that I trust and want to win. They are willing to do anything to win. The structure is amazing.

“[Winning a title is]Man, that's the goal. That's the goal. Like Daryl [Morey]”The chance to win is now.” Joel is at his best. My job is simply to go out and help him win the championship, and all future championships.

Tuesday was the first public appearance Harden made in nearly two weeks since his worst statistic performance of his career, four points on 2-for-11 shot in the Finals Brooklyn Nets“Loss to the Sacramento Kings.

After he was diagnosed with hamstring tightness, he missed the last three games of his Nets tenure. He was then reunited with Morey, the man who brought him here almost nine years ago. Ben Simmons.

Harden, who was a co-star on the Nets' team, initially refused to discuss why he felt his time with them had to come to an abrupt halt. Kevin DurantAnd Kyrie IrvingIn just 16 games, the team stated that Irving's decision not to be vaccinated and therefore unable to play at home in Brooklyn had an impact.

Harden said, “Very minimal, honest.” “Like Ky and me are great friends. He can go through whatever he wants. However, it did impact the team as Kyrie, Kyrie, and KD — winning — cover up a lot. However, it's regrettable that we only played 16 of the 16 games. It is what it was.

“Here is Philly is an opportunity, which I'm looking forward too.”

Although Harden prefers to play with centers that are more threatening than Embiid in the past, it is clear that they should be able cause major problems for opposing defenses.

Harden stated that “I think they complement each other.” Joel's playing abilities are well-known to the world. He can not only rebound but also scores with the basketball. He scored a triple double last week. His presence alone is incredible.

“I feel the same way about making my teammates better and doing other things that have an impact on the game at its highest level. We have a core group of great guys who can help us with this. I wish I was playing tonight [against Boston Celtics]But we can take our time, and then we'll get it moving again.”

Harden spent approximately 45 minutes with Sam Cassell, 76ers assistant, at Tuesday's end going through a tough workout as he recovers from his hamstring injury. Before returning to action against The Wizards, Harden will be out of the last two games and the All-Star Game. Minnesota TimberwolvesFebruary 25, 2005

Harden said, “The hamstring feels really great.” “Just doing lots of strengthening work right here.”

Morey said that Harden's arrival at the 76ers was the culmination of something he had hoped for. Morey expressed his delight at not having to part ways with the young guards to make it happen. Tyrese MaxeyAnd Matisse Thybulle.

“Yes, they were crucial.” [to keep]Morey agreed. “Tyrese is absolutely capable of being an All-Star in the league. Thybulle can easily be Defensive Player Of The Year, Joel said.

“… They could go anywhere, I believe. That's why we made sure that they were not involved in this trade.

However, the deal was ultimately about Harden and the superstar guard getting out of a bad situation.

Harden said, “I mean it wasn't planned this way,” when Harden was asked about being on three different teams within a little over a year. “Fourteen month ago, I didn’t see myself with three separate teams. But today we are here and I'm happy.

“[The]Last year was filled with many ups, downs, stress, but that is okay. This is all history. It's an amazing opportunity for me.

Philadelphia will be able to move on from Simmons' non-stop storyline, which has been a part of his decision to not trade the franchise for several months.

It was not clear at times if this situation would continue into the offseason. Harden, however, presented Philadelphia with an opportunity to land, Morey repeatedly stated, the type of second star that tangibly enhances Philadelphia's championship chances.

The 76ers are now going to try and win one.

Doc Rivers, coach, said that they had discussed the idea. “We have two options: we can either win many times or we can be the winner. Being a winner can be difficult. This is what we strive to be. We make trades like these, going out and getting Paul. [Millsap]James.

“We want to win, and this trade gives us that opportunity.”

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