After colliding with an umpire, day to day, Chicago Cubs shortstop Nico Hoerner has been forced to leave the game

SAN DIEGO — Chicago Cubs shortstop Nico HoernerFollowing a collision with Dan Iassogna (second base umpire), Iassogna in the center field, I was left with a sore right ankle.

Hoerner was injured in the first inning collision and fell to the ground. A trainer helped him. He returned to the game and batted in the 2nd inning. He struck out. Hoerner was relieved in the bottom inning. Ildemaro Vargas.

Hoerner underwent X-rays which were negative. He is currently listed as day to day.

Hoerner ran out to throw from Jason Heyward after Jurickson ProfarFor a triple, hit a flyball above the head of the center fielder.

Iassogna was the crew chief and he stayed on the field.

Both men believed that the collision occurred because the Cubs were in a shift.

Hoerner stated, “In the shift sometimes you're at different places than people used to sometimes.” “I was just watching the ball like the umpire and I was on ground before I realized what had happened. Both of us were just doing our jobs, and sometimes strange things happen.”

Iassogna claimed that he was running in the outfield, ready for a call on any play. He didn't see me, I doubt it. There was certainly a collision. He said that he was caught in my feet and fell.

Iassogna answered the question about how tricky it was to have infielders shift into the shallow outfield.

He stated that he is still trying to do his work the same way. “I'm looking at the ball and trying pick up the player. At first glance, I didn’t see anyone. I thought I was on the right track, but then we ran into each other. It's terrible that this happened.”

Iassogna claimed that he spoke with David Ross, manager of the team, about Hoerner's health and that he then spoke with the shortstop.

Ross stated, “I know Dan feels terrible.” “He was checking up on him here after that game. It was just a fluke. I think Nico's going be alright. We'll be able to see in a few days.”

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