After leaving school, Stephen Curry earns his Davidson degree thirteen years later

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen CurryThe school announced that Davidson College has awarded the degree to the student on Sunday morning.

Curry, who was instrumental in leading the Warriors' victory over the Warriors by scoring 110 points to 1996 Memphis GrizzliesA Bachelor of Arts degree will be awarded to those who win Game 6 in their second round series on Friday. This is in order to qualify for the Western Conference finals.

Curry, who was just one semester from graduation, reenrolled at the school to complete the spring semester. Curry will not be attending the commencement, Davidson stated, but Curry will be listed as one the graduates.

Curry attended North Carolina from 2006 to 2009. He is regarded as one of the most outstanding players in Davidson history. As the school's all time leader in 3-pointers (free throws), field goals, steals and 3-pointers (free throws), Curry was also the school's top scorer.

Curry's graduation at Davidson will most likely lead to his retirement. The college retires only the number of players who have graduated.

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