After losing to Commanders in the fifth Round, QB Sam Howell said Washington was a ‘perfect place for me’

ASHBURN, Va. — Quarterback Sam HowellThe ending was a dream come true. Others might describe it as an unexpected ending. The Washington CommandersHowell was drafted Saturday with the fifth round's first pick. It ended a slide that many had predicted for a player who would be drafted in the second round.

Howell said, “I didn't expect anything coming into the draft.” “Obviously, everyone wants to become a first-rounder. I just want to be a part of a good team. I'm super blessed.”

Howell left North CarolinaWith one remaining season of eligibility. He played 37 games in his three seasons and set school records for passing yards (10.283), career touchdown passes (92), and single-season touchdown pass (38).

Although many analysts had projected Howell to be a probable Day 2 pick, Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN ranked him sixth on his big board. Howell was the sixth pick in the draft.

He claimed that he watched the draft with family, friends, former coaches in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Howell stated that while it was stressful, he was also trusting God. “I was waiting for a phone call and it was Washington who called me. This is the perfect spot for me. I was always excited to play for this team.

Washington loved Howell very much, and one source said that he was the best quarterback in the draft. Howell stated that he met Ron Rivera and other team officials at Senior Bowl and Scouting Combine. Washington's staff also attended the pro day.

However, the Commanders had not planned to draft a quarterback high after having traded for Carson Wentz last month. They also have Taylor HeinickeContract renewed for an additional season

Rivera, however, made it clear that Rivera believed Rivera was capable of taking one in the second round as a developmental quarterback. The Commanders found a quarterback that they liked in Howell but who was not considered an heir apparent.

Howell is an agent for Wentz and has not spoken to him. Howell stated, “I'm thrilled to go to a location where I can learn from a man and see what it's really like to be pro.” I'm super excited.”

Howell was able to throw 68 touchdown passes over his first two seasons. However, he lost key contributors like Commanders wide receiver. Dyami Brown. Howell's numbers suffered: He went from 30 touchdown passes to 24 in 2020 to 24, and from 10.3 yards to 8.8 yards per pass attempt to 10.3.

Howell stated that it was “clearly a little challenge.” “We lost a few guys, but I wouldn’t trade last year for anything. I gained so many lessons. It helped me become a better player as well as a better person.

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