After recovering from COVID, Alex Cora joins the Boston Red Sox team.

TORONTO Boston Red SoxAfter missing six of the previous six games due to COVID-19, Alex Cora was back in Toronto with the team on Wednesday.

Since Cora was positive for HIV before the home loss to Toronto last Thursday, the Red Sox are now 0-5 under Will Venable as their bench coach. Boston is currently 7-11.

Cora stated that he was happy he had caught the infection before Red Sox flew from Boston last Thursday night to Florida for a weekend series against him Tampa Bay Rays.

Cora said, “I didn't want the guy who got on a plane feeling bad about it and putting our whole team in a bad position.” “You need to be smart and responsible about it.

Cora shared his Puerto Rico family with Cora, and he said that he stayed in Boston alone to recover from the virus. He also watched his team on television.

Cora stated, “We are not winning games, but I don’t think we’re that far away.” “Offensively I think we're closer than most people think. We have been hitting the ball hard lately.”

Cora, who has been vaccinated, and boosted, stated that he was happy not to have lost his appetite during his illness.

He stated that he ate a lot of ice cream while playing.

Cora almost missed his flight to Toronto on Wednesday morning after being cleared through MLB. His driver turned up late and Cora was able to get his driver home. Two Boston fans, who were heading north to the game, recognized Cora on the plane.

They double-checked and looked at me. “Cora said. “I told them to stop calling me skipper.

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