After tearing Achilles last season, New York Jets DE Carl Lawson is expected to be available for training camp

FLORHAM PARK (N.J.) — Nine months after Achilles surgery. New York Jets defensive end Carl LawsonHe won't be able to participate in OTA practice this month but he anticipates being on the field for training camp in July.

Lawson stated Wednesday that he thinks he'll be ready to go. However, it is up to the organization how they play it, what they want from me, and other factors. This was his first interview since December last year. “I'll go when my number is called. Even though I was on one foot, I was ready for anything.

Robert Saleh said Lawson is still recovering from his injury and is running. Lawson will remain cautious as they sign their marquee-free-agent in 2021. This could mean that there may be some ramp-up once camp starts.

Lawson was a big target for the Jets after he was signed to a $45 million three-year contract. However, he injured his Achilles in a joint session with the Jets last August 20. Green Bay Packers. He was done before the season started. Without him, the defense was unable to compete. They finished 32nd in yards allowed, 32nd scoring, and 26th in sacks.

Lawson believes he can recover his old form.

Lawson, who was injured in the ACL twice before, said that he has recovered from major injuries. “This is different, however I don't intend on being worse than I was. … But who knows what I'll do if that doesn't happen? “But I intend to be better than I was.”

Lawson was the dominant player in training camp before the injury and he plans to continue his education on that film. This, he believes will be a good baseline to use when he gets back on the field.

Jets close end: Carl is a monster C.J. UzomahHe spoke highly of his Auburn and Bengals teammate. He's an action figure. Carl is the best player that you can make by playing Madden. It was amazing to play with him for six or seven years. His ability to get off the ground is amazing and his greatest strength is, in my opinion. Our defensive line is going be super freaking great to get him back onto the field.

The Jets have also added a few defensive ends to their roster, including a first-round pick, perhaps as insurance. Jermaine Johnson IIFormer Houston Texans pass rusher Jacob Martin. They also resigned veteran Vinny CurryLast season, he missed because of complications from a blood disorder.

Lawson and John Franklin-MyersProject is the end point, but Franklin-Myers has the flexibility to tackle. Solomon ThomasThe acquisition of, a free agent, has also inside-outside versatility. Quinnen WilliamsAnd Sheldon RankinsAre the top returning tackles

Lawson said, “I think there is a lot of potential.” I love this group. It's made up of a lot of different men with different back stories. It will be a competitive group and it will provide a breeding ground to absolute monsters.”

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