After their win in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors continue their trolling tour

After the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals Thursday night Klay Thompson, Draymond Green Stephen Curry En route to their fourth title in eight seasons, they pulled out the receipts of opponents they had defeated.

Curry, who received Finals MVPAyesha remembered what Boston's Game On Fenway had said about his wife Ayesha's cooking skills before the start of games 3 and 4. Ayesha is a celebrity chef and cookbook author. She also hosts a Food Network show called “Ayesha’s Homemade.”

Curry responded to the gesture After Game 5, he wore a shirt to defend his spouse's food.

Curry was playing Game On Fenway in the locker room following Game 6. shirt in hand. This is a nice souvenir to take with you when you leave Boston, as well as two of the most sought-after trophies in the NBA.

Thompson recalled a tweet from Memphis Grizzlies Forward Jaren Jackson Jr. Following Memphis' win over Golden State in Mar. 28, 123-95Jackson sent a tweet with the Warriors' motto “strength and numbers” to Jackson, a direct troll at the team. On their way to a championship, the Warriors redeemed the loss in the Western Conference semifinals by defeating the Grizzlies four to 1.

Thompson admitted that he didn't know Jackson was behind the tweet but that he could not wait to get it back in his face.

After winning the title, Draymond Green took part in the petty parties. Jaylen brown, Celtics guard, said in a tweet that he used January to quote Draymond Green. He wrote: “the energy is about to shift.” Brown had an altercation Green with the Warriors forward after he fell on him in Game 1.

Green quickly referred to the tweet on Friday morning. He explained how the shift Brown mentioned occurred, and it was in Golden State's favor.

The Warriors forward didn’t stop there. To Thursday's game, he explained why he wore an all-black suit. This was to signal the end of the Celtics' postseason run.

He also remembered a tweet by Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant During Game 1 in the Finals. Durant commented upon the victory of the Celtics that night and praised Boston's efforts.high level of basketball.”

Later, Green donned one Boston's “It’s all about 18” shirts and slightly altered the banner No. 18 was the correct number.

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