Alex Cora, Red Sox manager, shaves his beard in an effort to snap Boston’s losing streak

ATLANTA — Last in the American League East, Boston Red Soxwere due for a hard glance in the mirror.

Alex Cora, manager, believes that he discovered the problem.

Red Sox manager, Cora, has shaved off the salt-and-pepper mustache he grew in the past season. He hopes that this new look will help Boston end its five-game losing streak. Cora arrived at Atlanta's opening game of a two-game series clean and fresh.

Cora smiled, saying “If we win 10 consecutive games, it's on you because I should have known that before.”

After being held to a total of five runs and being swept by the in three games, Chicago White SoxBoston is now 10 1/2 games behind the first place New York Yankees. The Red Sox have now lost 14 of their 18 games.

Cora also modified his lineup. Trevor StoryHitting.194, he was ranked sixth in the lineup. Designated hitter J.D. MartinezYou should have been able to reach third place instead of fourth. Xander BogaertsMoved up one spot to fourth

Cora stated that she was flip-flopping the big guys to see what happened. “We've got some competent guys, and they're just not swinging the bat very well. Moving people around can be a good thing.

Cora stated that his decision to shave was spontaneous. Cora didn't have any beard or moustache prior to this season.

He said, “Yesterday, I got up and took my family to the airport. And decided to shave.”

Cora insists that Cora isn't as superstitious in the game as others.

Cora stated that Joey Cora, his brother and former infielder, used to listen to the same songs before every game. He claimed that this was “extremely absurd.”

If the Red Sox win, expect the manager to implement a ban on facial hair.

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