Amanda Kessel, a three time U.S. Olympic medalist, joins Pittsburgh Penguins for a one year fellowship

Amanda Kessel has joined the Pittsburgh PenguinsA one-year fellowship to help her get into a managerial role in the NHL

Kessel said that it was his dream to work in the hockey front office. “But the Penguins are very forward-thinking, so I'm grateful for them.”

Kessel is a three-time Olympic gold medalist for the U.S. women’s hockey team. She is now the Penguins' inaugural participant in their Executive Management Program. This program focuses on providing women and minorities with the necessary exposure in hockey front office offices. Kessel will be rotating through Pittsburgh's marketing, partnership, and production departments. David Morehouse, Penguins CEO said that similar programs were offered by Fortune 500 companies.

Morehouse stated to ESPN that if you surround yourself only with people who are like you and share the same views and experiences, you will be in poor shape. This is why Amanda is the ideal person. She is intelligent, articulate, and a great hockey player who knows a lot. Olympians have spent their entire life playing hockey. Because their experience is valuable, it's important that they leave the sport.

Kessel, who is now 30, stated that she is not closing the door on playing but is looking forward to taking the next steps in her professional career. She previously considered this daunting. Kessel, who graduated from the University of Minnesota in hockey, had a successful career that included three national championships as well as winning the Patty Kazmaier award in 2013, which was awarded to the best female collegiate player in the nation.

Kessel stated that when I was a student in sports management, it was hard for me to remember any females who were in the hockey positions I wanted. “I didn’t really want to coach, so how did I get to where my heart was? It seemed impossible to me, which I wasn't sure of.”

Kessel consulted Cammigranato, another ex-U.S. Olympian, who was recently designated assistant general manager at the Vancouver CanucksAfter looking for the Seattle Kraken. Granato's advice to anyone looking to get into the NHL is: “Be yourself.” You have the knowledge and experience. You can provide the value that they are looking for, so don’t be afraid to show it.

Kessel said, “It can be difficult, especially when it's transitioning from your playing careers, because you only know the one thing you want to pursue, but you aren't sure.” “It will help me see my dreams clearly if I am exposed to different departments.”

Kessel shared that her greatest excitement is joining an organization that is relentlessly driven to win. This spring's Penguins playoff appearance will mark their 16th consecutive postseason appearance, the longest streak of North American professional sports.

Morehouse stated that he believes and hopes other NHL teams will notice the Penguins executive management program and follow its lead.

Morehouse stated, “It makes business better, it helps the executive team be better, if there are different voices and help them develop,”

Morehouse claimed that he first met Amanda as her brother. PhilPlayed for the Penguins.

Morehouse joked that they had “good luck signing Kessels”.

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