Animal rights activists demand that Glen Taylor, Minnesota Timberwolves owner, resign as governor

MEMPHIS TENN. — Three animal rights activists have disrupted three Minnesota TimberwolvesTwo NBA arena games over the last two weeks require that Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor resign as governor and donate $11.3 million to various entities for animal welfare.

Direct Action Everywhere animal rights group members are attacking Taylor because he owns Rembrandt Farms which is a large-scale farm that produces millions of eggs annually. In March, Rembrandt's facility was hit by bird flu.

Direct Action Everywhere activist Matt Johnson, a press contact for Direct Action Everywhere, stated that Taylor and other highly powerful factory farming businessmen should not be allowed to receive taxpayer bailouts. Taylor should be a strong example and give up his NBA ownership.

The company used Ventilation Shutdown Plus to kill more than 5 million birds in an attempt to combat the outbreak. It was performed at their Iowa primary facility. This method prevents air from entering the bird's industrial sheds, which in turn causes them to die. Activists consider this inhumane.

Alicia Saturio was a protester who held her hands to the court during live Timberwolves play-in against the Timberwolves. LA ClippersThe first of three protests took place at Target Center in Minneapolis on April 12. She was quickly removed from the court by security and expelled.

Saturio stated that she was nervous. “I hadn't ever super-glued myself to anything. I didn't know how the fans would respond. I did not want any of my players to be hurt so I made certain to do it when they were on the other side of the court.

Minnesota's game 1 against the mighty Memphis GrizzliesDuring the FedExForum game in Memphis, Zoe Rosenberg, an activist, chained herself to a basket strap near Taylor's seat. The police quickly removed her from the arena and freed her. Rosenberg will be charged with disorderly conduct as well as trespassing.

Sasha Zemmel, an activist, rushed to the court right in front Taylor during Game 4 in Minneapolis. This interrupted live play. Zemel was dressed in an NBA official uniform. She wanted to approach Taylor, whose net wealth was estimated at $2.5billion by Forbes magazine in 2020. Before she could make the gesture, security personnel tackled her and took her to the ground. Referee's jersey number was 5,3 to signify the 5.3 millions birds that were killed at Rembrandt. Zemmel will be charged with disorderly conduct and fifth degree assault.

Johnson went to Game 3 at Target Center in the intent of disrupting play. Security stopped Johnson from reaching the floor and arrested him. He was taken into custody and banned from Target Center for a year.

Timberwolves young star: “I didn’t even know what it was.” Anthony EdwardsFollowing Minnesota's win in Game 4, they said: “Y'all have to stop running on Minnesota's floor. Memphis, do that. We don't have it.”

Direct Action Everywhere is the organization that performs both civil disobedience and rescue missions at farms. The recent actions were in response to the Rembrandt killings, but the group also opposes factory agriculture.

The group filed a complaint in Iowa to state and local authorities, alleging Rembrandt had violated state law. The organization demands that Taylor speed up the sale of the team, which is currently under consideration by Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez. Direct Action Everywhere insists that Rembrandt's parent company Taylor Corporation donate $11.3million in federal funds to help with the 2015 outbreak of the flu to public health and animal welfare agencies.

Taylor's representatives, the Timberwolves, and Taylor have not commented on the article at the time.

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