Are the scoring systems of your fantasy league and your fantasy basketball stars compatible?

How did I get to this point?

At 5:06 AM, already two cups of coffee. Managed three points-league squads.

Me… the former avowed proponent of roto. Efficiency lover.

Gamify the benefits of post-deathline options Russell WestbrookHe has an average 18.3 PPG, 7.8 ROPG, 7.6 APG…43.5 FFG% and 66.5 FT%.

What stats are on the other side? The roto abyss.

Since I was the last Wizards fan living in my time zone (2020-21), I spent the entire year pondering the Art of Russell Westbrook. The slow, injury-plagued start. Inefficiency. The blind commitment to losing dominance. You know what happens when you get tired of the Westbrook drama and the 3-for-21 shooting night?

He is in the top-40 point rankings. Westbrook ranks among the top-20 in points leagues if we assume total production (versus per-game) for this season.

Westbrook always finds a way to increase his points production season after season. Because of the negative buzz about Westbrook, it can cloud your perception of Mid Life-Crisis Westbrook. He is now one of the best fantasy points league bargains.

I embrace the points format and can fully appreciate Westbrook.

My points brain and my roto brain are constantly at war. My Roto brain wants me to close my eyes. Roto brain tells me that Westbrook is three to four rounds less valued in each round. Roto brain tells my to argue for the undervalued efficient and underappreciated.

Get the most current Kings-Outrage Generator Tyrese Haliburton. Haliburton embodies all my old-school roto characteristics. Chauncey Billups' next-generation, quiet efficient floor general. Chris Paul Mike Conley. He has an average of 14.3 PPG. 3.9 RPG. 7.4APG.47.0FG%.47.0 FG%. 47.0 FT%. 39.1 3PT%. 54.6TS%.

The rising star status of Haliburton and his potential to be a future analytic darling make him an anti-Westbrook. This is the flip side to the fantasy coin. Halliburton is a top-20 player in roto. Right now. 21 years old. He is still in the top-40 for points.

Westbrook vs. Haliburton are the essence of points/roto guard.

Other guards are disproportionately valued at Team Points Devin Booker, Ja Morant, Luka Doncic, De'Aaron Fox, CJ McCollum

Team Roto Guards Stephen Curry(25% more valuable for roto) Chris Paul, James Harden(Brooklyn Version has changed sides). Marcus Smart, Derrick White

But what about now? I can see both sides.

What caused my heel to turn? This particular trigger occurred in 2019 when ESPN updated its points scoring system. They added weight to assists and blocks as well as 3s. It was then that I decided to go with the flow and invest some bandwidth in points league play.

2022 Me is oh so-glad 2019. Me did it. This season's extraordinary (yes, “unprecedented”) outside circumstances? They are highlighting the advantages of playing in points leagues.

Two issues I have with points leagues are the excessive overvaluation of points per games (NBA Points) and the flattering of the value across the entire player pool.

There is less differentiation between player tiers and there are fewer opportunities to make your mark. “Elite”, while a little more elite, is just a bit less average. Positional Scarcity and other complex roto-friendly strategies are less effective. Categorical Scarcity can be seen as an oxymoron but still holds its value.

What is the significance of Positional Scarcity? Technicolor is the best way to describe it… When you look at the relative value centers offered in each format.

Remember how I mentioned the flatness of points league values? The center category is responsible for an overwhelming portion of the disparity between overall valuation. The center category has generated almost 50% more value than any other positional group this season. (This is again relative to the overall value of the player pool.

Nikola JokicTops the charts in both points & roto. So no difference? Um… big, big difference.

What is the difference in value between Jokic and the rest of the players pool? Jokic is approximately 25 percent more valuable in Roto. Giannis AntetokounmpoJokic's throat for the No. The No. 1 overall center in points leagues. In roto Jokic is almost a complete round ahead of his closest competitor (and a heavily-weighted first round).Karl-Anthony Towns.)

Jokic, Anthony Towns, Giannis and Embiid all have duplicate names in their top-10 at center. Jaren Jackson Jr., Domantas Sabonis?, and Jonas ValanciunasYou can register in both formats with a few names being flipped. However, the overall value of the offer is lower than the points dynamic.

This divide is illustrated by the fact that not everyone made both lists. Christian Wood (Team Points) vs. Robert Williams III (Team Roto). Wood seems to be a better player than Williams on paper. 17.7 PPG/10.3 RPG vs. 9.8PPG/9.5RPG. Williams is equally valuable to roto managers than Wood is to points mangers.

This is due to points' devaluation of valuation by place, but also Williams' quiet efficiency. Williams' average steals+blocks is 3.1, compared to Wood's 1. Williams averages 5.9 FGA/game, but he makes the most, with a staggering 73.7 FG%. (And here's a quiet value-diminisher: Wood's mediocre 61.7 FT% gets amplified with his high 4.7 FTA per match.

But what about this season? The format's advantage is the flatness of points and the overvaluation possession. Because of the points format, more managers are in championship contention. Because of all the external variables that can affect NBA operations day to day, fantasy should be rewarding engagement. It is important to stay the course. Being yourself.

Because most points leagues play playoffs in order to crown a winner it makes the goal of reaching the postseason more achievable. This is similar the new hope created by the NBA's Play-in Tournament. Now? If a team has 10 games under.500, they can have the chance to get on a roll and play into a 7th or eighth seed.

Both postseason systems have the same fundamental benefit in fantasy and reality. Engagement is the key benefit that love and fantasy sports, as well as responsible pet ownership and eCommerce, rely on.

There are a few Roto squads in my management that I think should pack it in. But that's where a solid goalkeeper function pays dividends. However, all of my point teams remain realistically in the game. I am a happy and engaged point practitioner.

If I had my druthers, however, I would tweak our points system just a little bit. My ultimate fantasy hoops goal would be to overcome cognitive dissonance in jumping between formats… to make player value more transferable.

It's not the case that scorers are more valuable than non-scorers in points leagues. They are positioned in the middle of the pack.

But, right now? Flatness equals contention equals Engagement.

Half of the success of 2022 fantasy is found in simply showing up.

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