Arizona Cardinals WR Marquise brown hid trade from friend Kyler Murray

TEMPE, Ariz. — This week. Marquise “Hollywood” BrownHe had a secret that he couldn’t share with any of his closest friends. Kyler Murray: He may be traded to Arizona Cardinals.

Murray tried to extract any bit of information from Brown regarding the possibility of a trading that would eventually send the large receiver from the Baltimore RavensThe Cardinals even though the two were working out in Dallas together. Murray kept playing dumb as the Ravens attempted to find a landing spot. Murray tried to call upon his inner reporter but Brown kept repeating the same thing: “I don’t know Kyler.” I'm trying in vain to find out.

Brown knew that a trade with Arizona was in the offing. Brown kept Murray's name secret even after the deal was completed but before it was publicized.

“I could've [told him]Brown stated this during Friday's Arizona news conference. He knew it could happen but didn't know that it did.

The two of them are now reunited for their first time since 2018 when they played together at Oklahoma. They began to talk about the possibility of playing together not long after. It took them three years to make it happen.

Brown was still present on the board following a foot injury and Murray returned to the greenroom at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville. Brown told the quarterback that he wanted to tell the Cardinals they should trade back into round one to draft him. Murray claimed he would take Brown after the next selection, which was taken by the Ravens.

Their NFL reunion was put to ice.

It was possible again after last season when Brown asked for a trade from the Ravens. Brown stated to SiriusXM that Arizona was where he wanted to be. The Kansas City Chiefs Green Bay PackersBrown stated that the trade talks were held with the same team Brown thought he would travel to in 2019, but Brown knew exactly where his dream destination was.

Brown said, “I wanted it to be there.” “Me and Kyler discussed it back in January and February. It's crazy that it could actually happen.”

Brown will be reunited with Murray and play in an offense “pretty comparable” to the one he ran at Oklahoma. Kliff Kingbury also recruited Brown as a coach at Brown. Texas TechIn two victories over the Red Raiders, he had 125 yards and one touchdown.

Brown heard rumors last week about a possible trade, but he didn't believe it was possible.

“It all came back full circle because I was blessed,” he stated. It's pretty amazing.

Brown moves from being one of the NFL's most dynamic quarterbacks to a mediocre one. Lamar JacksonMurray.

Brown stated that Brown and Lamar are both passionate about the sport. That's what brought me and Lamar together. They're passionate and they want to win. And they're all unique. Lamar Jackson is unmatched. Kyler Murray is unbeatable.”

Brown had to leave Jackson.

Brown stated, “It was very difficult.” “Leaving Lamar was one of the most difficult things. I spoke to him. He understood, and it was cool to the end.

Brown was unsure if he would play in Arizona with Murray at one point during the offseason.

Brown admitted that he watched as everyone else the offseason drama surrounding Murray's possible extension. Before Murray's hype began, Brown requested his trade. Murray called him and asked, “Hey, what's the matter?”

Murray is certain that he won't change his mind, however.

Brown stated, “I'm pretty certain you know he loves the place here, and that I know they love it,” “So they'll figure out.”

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