Arthur Blank would love to have Calvin Ridley as a receiver with the Atlanta Falcons next year

Atlanta FalconsArthur Blank, owner of the franchise, stated that he would “absolutely love” to have a receiver Calvin RidleyThe Falcons will be back together next season, but it is important to recognize that the Falcons will eventually require a succession plan for the quarterback. Matt Ryan.

Ridley was absent from 12 Atlanta games last season to focus on his mental health. He did not travel to London to celebrate the win against the Jets, and then announced on Halloween that he would be taking a break from football to concentrate on himself.

Ridley, who was offered his fifth-year option by the club in May has not spoken publicly since he left the team. Atlanta placed Ridley on the nonfootball injury list. Blank said Wednesday that Atlanta supported Ridley in every way possible throughout the season, and will continue doing so.

“It's a hard journey. Blank explained that this isn't a common problem in America. Blank said, “It's not a unique problem in sports teams or communities. There is a lot of trauma in the world today. He is determined to resolve his problems and get them over with. They aren't necessarily out of his mind, but they are behind him so he can function fully on and off the field. I don’t know where it will lead him.

“I know that we have done everything possible to help him, and we will see how it unfolds with him with our team or with the future with us or someone else in the NFL.”

Arthur Smith, Falcons coach, refused to answer questions regarding Ridley throughout the season. He said that if there was an update, he'd give one. Terry Fontenot, Falcons general manger, stated that Ridley was not being updated at the Senior Bowl.

Blank said Ridley (31 catches for 281 yards in last season's campaign) is a “great” player and praised him as a teammate. Blank said the team is aware of Ridley’s current situation, and will continue supporting him.

Ridley's return in 2022 was unknown to him.

“I'll tell you what my knowledge is. Blank stated that what I do know is that we would love to have the young man play for us again. Blank stated, “But, but, you know what, where that sits in his heart, I don't really know.” Although we haven't spoken to him directly, I believe that he and his agents have a better understanding of the situation.

Blank also praised Matt Ryan's play, but he wanted to emphasize that the team must have a plan for the future. Three backup quarterbacks were available for Atlanta this season — A.J. McCarron, who was hurt during the preseason. Josh Rosen Feleipe Franks.

Blank repeatedly mentioned how Ryan was hit in the past few years. He has been sacked more than 40 times over the past four seasons. Blank marveled at Ryan’s resilience and ability to keep going. Ryan has only missed one game since 2010, when he completed 67% percent of his passes, for 3,968 yard, 20 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and 2,020 yards.

He also felt there was good communication between Smith and Ryan, and that Ryan contributed to Atlanta's offense.

“But let's not forget to clarify this. Blank stated, “But at some point, it is important to realize that Father Time can get us all. At some point we need to make a clear succession planning for the next quarterback.” The league's best teams are those that have done it successfully. They're the ones who haven’t and those that struggle for many years as they switch between quarterbacks that don't really offer the ultimate answer.

Blank stated that the team had begun to think about Ryan's succession plan before Smith and Fontenot were hired last year. However, Ryan continues to play at a high level and is always available.

Ryan has stated that he would love to stay in Atlanta. His cap hit for 2022 is $48,662,500. Fontenot didn't want to speculate on any contractual circumstances the Falcons might be in last month. Atlanta should have greater cap flexibility than Atlanta did last season, when Blank stated that the team was “under siege” a year earlier. However, there is not much money at this time.

Ryan, 37, turns 37 in May. He said in January that he was optimistic about the future team and loved the direction Atlanta was taking with Smith and his coaching staff.

“I feel good about it. Ryan stated that Ryan believes this. Ryan said, “I feel like my team and I are in a good place. We can improve and become better as we go forward.”

Blank stated that Ryan is aware that the team will eventually have to plan without Ryan. He didn't know how far down Ryan's road the Falcons would be following a post Ryan plan.

“We need to think about this. Matt is a mature man. Matt is a mature man. Blank said that Matt is intelligent. He understands that his playing time is limited and that the franchise has a responsibility to its fans to provide a succession plan. This does not only apply to quarterback.

“Every position, when we think about it. Some questions about Calvin Ridley may seem fair. We have to ensure that we have a competitive receiver room.

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