Draymond green is optimistic about NBA Finals.

SAN FRANCISCO — As he prepares for his confrontation against the Boston Celtics Reigning Defensive Player and the Year Marcus Smart The NBA Finals Draymond Green He disagrees with the NBA voters who claim that there were five defenders more talented than him in this season's NBA playoffs.

The Golden State WarriorsThe NBA All-Defensive Second Team was chosen earlier this month, and Green is not happy. Green was the front-runner to be named Defensive Player Of The Year, but he sustained a back injury early January. He only played in 46 games for the season.

Green responded, “For my part, it's not a slight,” when Green was asked whether he took his second team designation as a compliment. “I can't find five guys who had a better defensive year than me when I look at the first group. For All-Defensive voting, there is no requirement for games played. There is no minimum amount you must play. If there were an amount you had to play, I would be an idiot sitting here saying this.”

Green stated, “What you had seen, I think it would have been difficult for someone else to come and teach me better (defense this year). I don't think five men (better) are acceptable. It is more of an insult to me than anything.”

NBA voters named Smart, Boston Celtics' guard, the Defensive player of the Year ahead of Phoenix. Mikal Bridges Utah's Rudy Gobert. These three are along with Milwaukee's. Giannis Antetokounmpo Memphis Jaren Jackson Jr. were elected to the All-Defensive First Team.

Green was placed on the second team with Miami's. Bam Adebayo, Milwaukee's Jrue Holiday, Philadelphia's Matisse Thybulle Robert Williams, Boston's power forward. Golden State's power forward received five first-team votes, and 24 second-team votes.

Green told us after practice that “It goes onto the resume as an All Defensive team so it will be mine,” “But, I was a bit shocked when (I heard) the unveilings of) the first team. It's possible that I didn’t make it. The fact that I was on the second team meant that there were more than five defenders (better). I had to be taken off. After that, I'll be like, “Alright, they voted for the number of games played.” It doesn't make sense to say that he was All-Defensive on the second team. Then you don't have to take into account how many games he played. You are making things up if you consider the number of games and decide that this player is second team.

“I believe it was more of an insult. It wasn't that bad, seven years out of ten on All-Defensive Team.

Smart and Green will be the two best defenders in the NBA Finals matchup between Celtics and Warriors. Steve Kerr, Warriors coach, compared Smart to Draymond's guard version because of Smart's ability to read angles, switch, defend and defend all five positions.

Green, 2017 Defensive Player-of-the Year, stated that he was certain of the comparison. He is their emotional leader, he is the anchor on their defense. Robert Williams is, in a sense, the anchor. Al Horford In a sense, he is an anchor. Marcus Smart, however, is the anchor of that defense. He's also the one on the offensive that gets everybody involved. I certainly see some of this.

“He is someone I respect greatly. It was great to see him come into his own, and to see him again look like Marcus Smart from Oklahoma State.

Green caused quite a stir with his announcement of the Miami Heat When he stated on TNT's Eastern Conference Finals broadcast that the Warriors were going to play Boston in the Finals, The Heat forced Game 7 and Miami forward Udonis Haslem Yahoo Sports reported that Green had “broke the code” in saying that.

Green stated that “I didn’t really anticipate it” on Tuesday. “I believe I know a lot about basketball. If you have a basic knowledge of basketball, you can see that Boston was the superior team. This was not a prediction. “I thought they were the superior team. It was clear that I was not far off.”

Green was full of praise for the Celtics.

Green stated, “We have been following them for months and their defense has been absolutely amazing.” “They have an excellent offense, and even more important, they have a guy who is one of them guys. Jaylen Brown This is an excellent player. Jayson Tatum One of them is him.

A guy like this will always give you a chance to win. When you combine that with the defense and the other pieces around him, it's clear they are veteran leaders. You look at them and think, “Wow, they really have what it takes.”

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