Astros distribute $516,347 shares to record postseason pool

NEW YORK — The World Series Champion gets a full postseason share Houston Astros A record $516,347 was earned from a player pool totaling $107.5 million. This record also occurred in the first season when the playoffs were extended to 12 teams.

According to the commissioner's office, $38.7million was split into 59 shares, 14.14 shares, and $940,000 in cash prizes. The winner's share was higher than the $438,902 Houston had previously set in 2017. Additionally, the pool reached $90.47 million last year.

For the National League champion, a full share Philadelphia Phillies It came out to $296,255. The Phillies divided $25.8million into 72 shares, 15.03 parts shares, and $20,000 in cash prizes.

This year, full shares were available for all other playoff teams:

San Diego Padres, $152,709
New York Yankees, $145,820
Cleveland Guardians, $45,795
Atlanta Braves, $44,878
Seattle Mariners, $42,221
Los Angeles Dodgers, $36,148
St. Louis Cardinals, $10,351
Toronto Blue Jays, $10,007
New York Mets, $9,480
Tampa Bay Rays, $8,387

60% of the pool is made up of the first two wild-card games, the first three division games and the first four games from each league championship series.

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