Athletics maintain ballpark plans for Oakland and Las Vegas

OAKLAND (Calif.) — AthleticsParallel paths are being used to plan new Oakland and Las Vegas ballparks. If the club can't find what they want along downtown Howard Terminal, officials from the club will relocate.

Dave Kaval, team president is planning a trip to Las Vegas shortly to assess the possibilities with this potential spot. Before the A's hosted the Super Bowl, Kaval spoke on Friday. San Francisco GiantsBay Bridge Series, Coliseum. A site that he insists is not suitable for future baseball.

Kaval explained that “I think it's been clear,” and the league had made clear that their site did not meet the 21st-century vision of baseball in North America. To be successful in any two-team market, you need to live in an urban area. The Giants will be playing in a comparable stadium at the waterfront. And we are going to make every effort to create a stadium similar to Oracle Park in San Francisco. We have this vision at Howard Terminal.

The preliminary terms of a $12B waterfront baseball park project were approved by the Oakland City Council on July 20. However, the A's were not satisfied with this proposal.

Kaval stated that “we still remain apart in the economic terms”, but that they are concentrating on the current environmental review process to keep the progress moving.

Major League Baseball directed Oakland's brass in May to look into relocation options, if there was no agreement on a ballpark.

Kaval explained that while we are disappointed they did not vote for our plan, it isn't changing. We are still optimistic about progress in negotiations with them. It will be interesting to see what happens. All the processes are still being completed and will hopefully be finalized soon. “We're trying to do everything possible to get that done in a reasonable time frame for the league.”

Kaval envisages that a city vote will take place “later in the year”.

After the NBA, the A's remain Oakland's last professional team. Golden State WarriorsRelocated to San Francisco, and the NFL's RaidersLas Vegas

Projected plans include a private-financed $35,000 waterfront ballpark located at Howard Terminal with 3,000 residential units and office space.

Through 2024, the lease for the Coliseum that is nearly 100 years old was signed by The A's. MLB said that it is unlikely to rebuild at the existing location.

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