Atlanta Braves’ star Ronald Acuna Jr. is back with single, two stolen bases.

ATLANTA Ronald Acuna Jr. Star attraction in his first game back with The BravesSince tearing his ACL July 10, 2021.

Acuna was 1-for-5 and had two stolen bases during his return to the Braves lineup. Kyle WrightAtlanta won its first series victory with a 5-1 win over the Philadelphia Eagles thanks to another outstanding performance. Chicago CubsThursday night

Acuna wore sparkly, gold-topped cleats with matching armbands, batting gloves and ground out twice in his first major league game since suffering a season-ending knee injury. Miami.

Through an interpreter, he stated that he was “just extremely excited”. “I believe that the adrenaline level reached a peak. I couldn’t contain my excitement during those first few at-bats.

His pregame assessment that his right knee was actually faster after he tore his ACL seemed supported by two stolen bases.

Acuna stated, “Hopefully it's only the tip of an iceberg.”

He also displayed his defensive skills in the right field. He also displayed his defensive skills in right field. Jason HeywardAcuna was able to play the carom flawlessly and kept the Cubs player down to one run.

Acuna stated, “It's the type of play that you anticipate.” “You'll know who is running and who is hitting at the moment. It's all about anticipating the play and responding to it. It's preparation.”

At this time, Acuna is not allowed to play on travel days nor in the day games following night games. He would be out for Friday night’s contest. TexasStart a three-game weekend series.

Not so fast, Acuna countered.

He said, exhaling with laughter, “I don't even know who said the plans are for me not to be playing.” “The way that I look at it, I'm still playing tomorrow.”

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