Attorney Tony Buzbee – Houston Texans, other defendants to be added in lawsuits against Deshaun.

Tony Buzbee is the lawyer representing all 24 women who filed civil lawsuits against him Deshaun WatsonAccording to him, his law firm will soon be joining the Houston Texans Organization and other defendants” in lawsuits against the quarterback

On Tuesday the New York Times reported Brent Naccara, the Texans' director for security, signed the nondisclosure agreement Watson gave to certain plaintiffs. The Times reported that several massages were also performed at The Houstonian Hotel, which was provided by the Texans.

Buzbee stated in a statement that it was clear that Deshaun Watson's conduct was supported by the Houston Texans and their contracting massage therapy' company. The Texans allowed this behavior to happen in many of these cases. We believe that Watson's issues were well known to the Texans, but they failed to act. They should have known.

“We are going to hold everyone responsible for Watson's conduct, as well as Watson himself, accountable.”

Although the Texans didn't respond to specific allegations in the New York Times article, they have stated in multiple statements that Watson's actions were not known until March 2021 when the first lawsuit against him was filed.

Between March 16 and April 14, 2021, Watson was sued in 23 cases. One was dismissed after the judge ordered that each petition be amended to include the name of each plaintiff. Watson was the subject of two additional lawsuits last week. That brings the total number of civil lawsuits against Watson to 24.

Two grand juries from Texas did not decide to indict Watson this year. However, the NFL is now investigating whether Watson violated its code. The NFL also interviewed Watson in person last month as part its investigation. Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, said that the NFL was closing in on its investigation. He couldn't give any timeline but said that he felt the NFL was getting close to the conclusion.

Houston traded Watson for the Cleveland Browns In March, Watson was not indicted by the first grand jury.

Watson denies any wrongdoing.

He stated, March 25, that “What I can do is continue to tell the truth” in his first media interview since joining Browns. “And that is, I have never assaulted and disrespected any woman in all my life.”

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