Auction: Just sold: A ticket from the filming of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

Wrigley Field is the scene that made 1986's “Ferris Bueller's Day Off” memorable.

Ferris, Cameron, Ferris and Sloane, Ferris’ girlfriend, skipped school to enjoy a memorable day in Chicago. They also take in a variety of animals as part of their adventure. Chicago CubsWrigley Field game, Ferris catches foul ball. Dean Ed Rooney, his archnemesis, almost sees Ferris. But Rooney only manages to capture a glimpse as Rooney cuts away from his catch.

At least one lucky fan now owns a piece of this particular piece of history.

Heritage Auctions acquired a ticketThe scene was filmed at the game. Friday's sale of the ticket was for $1,050.

“Some fan at the game retained their ticket. [it]It turned out to have been a good choice,” Mike Provenzale (sports operations supervisor, Heritage auctioneer), told ESPN.

The game was played Sept. 24, 1985 with the Expos defeating the Cubs 17-15. Andre Dawson, future Baseball Hall of Famer, was the Expos' most prominent player. He went 4-for-6 and had three home runs and eight RBIs.

In the past, tickets to high-profile sporting events sold for a lot of money. Heritage sold tickets from Jackie Robinson's MLB debut for $480,000 in February, Provenzale said.

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