Baker Mayfield remains in limbo with Cleveland Browns

BEREA (Ohio) — The NFL draft was over. Baker Mayfieldis still a member Cleveland Browns.

The Browns could not make a deal with the Carolina PanthersMultiple sources say that they never came close to it. Sources said that Carolina wanted Cleveland to pay a substantial portion of Mayfield’s $19 million guaranteed salary next season as talks intensified. Carolina was drafted by Ole Miss in the third round after Cleveland refused to pay. Matt CorralSources claim that this will end trade negotiations. As it stands now, Corral and not Mayfield will compete with Sam DarnoldCarolina's starting position, Mayfield is currently in limbo at the franchise that took Mayfield No. 1. overall four years back.

Mayfield was born in Cleveland, which has been seeking a franchise quarterback for decades. He arrived there with great fanfare. After leading the Browns to their first playoff win in 26 years, Mayfield's standing in the locker room and front office declined. A difficult split with the receiver, and struggles on the field Odell Beckham Jr. This divided the team. Deshaun WatsonMayfield's willingness to give up his no-trade clause in order to sign with Cleveland and the perceived insult from the Browns' top office contributed to Mayfield's departure from Cleveland. Both sides were forced to look for a new start.

The Browns traded Watson in March, despite the fact that he was facing 22 civil lawsuits from women alleging sexual abuse and inappropriate conduct during massage sessions. Although Watson was not indicted by Texas grand juries, the NFL is conducting its own investigation. This could lead to Watson's suspension. Watson claimed he had “never assaulted and harassed any woman” and that he will fight the lawsuits.

Mayfield is however still waiting for his next beginning. Sources say that Mayfield has a murky future, with no trade partner in sight and Cleveland not willing to negotiate Mayfield’s release. The future that seemed, one year ago, destined to be in Cleveland, before quickly falling apart.

Last season's opening match against the Kansas City ChiefsMayfield looked like the passer who was ranked No. 10 in QBR at the end of the 2020 season. QBR – 10 After scoring touchdowns on three of their first possessions, the Browns lost out on Mayfield's game-ending intercept.

In Week 2, Mayfield was injured in his left shoulder, but he did not throw.

He was never the same after that.

Mayfield completed 82% his passes in his two first games of the NFL's last season, which was the highest rate in the league. Mayfield's completion percentage dropped to 57.7% over the remainder of the season, even though he was wearing a harness that held his left shoulder in line. This is the second-worst league record.

His QBR tumbled to 27th, the largest QBR drop-off (-30.4) of any passer from the 2020 season, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

Mayfield declined to speak with ESPN through his marketing agent about the 2021 football season or his departure from Cleveland. He said that his shoulder injury was mentally and physically affecting him during the “YNK”, podcast, April 13.

“When it started affecting my play and going downhill that's when I was like, “Oh s —,” Mayfield” on the podcast. “That was when I lost my self-confidence and started to lose myself. This past year was hard.

After a 15-10 defeat to the Pittsburgh SteelersMayfield's season would become even more difficult on October 31. In the background, Mayfield's future would become increasingly uncertain as the Browns quietly explored a replacement.

Beckham's father uploaded a video to Instagram hours before the Nov. 2, trade deadline. It highlighted all the times Beckham didn't get in Mayfield's way last season, and how he missed Beckham when he was open. Odell Beckham Sr. made a mockery of Mayfield in the comments.

OBJ didn’t deny his father’s comments publicly and he didn’t call or message Mayfield privately, according multiple sources. Even though they had often played videogames together and had visited Big Sky, Montana, with colleagues on Labor Day weekend, multiple sources claim.

Beckham was released by the Browns on November 5, paving the way for him signing with the club. Los Angeles RamsHe would win the Super Bowl with him.

Beckham, an ex-star with the New York GiantsHad been a popular player in the Browns locker room before he joined Cleveland in a huge trade in 2019.

Beckham was able to take Damon Sheehy Guiseppi, an undrafted rookie receiver, under his wing during his first training camp. Beckham gifted Sheehy Guiseppi his cleats after he misplaced his cleats in the preseason opener for Cleveland 2019. Sheehy–Guiseppi returned a punt 86 yard for a touchdown. Sheehy Guiseppi was later trimmed before the season. he posted a heartfelt messageBeckham's social media profiles.

Beckham also brought over a New York custom to train with him. Beckham sat in different groups at each meal in the cafeteria.

Beckham stated that tradition was a good way to learn who your opponents are. “When the whistle blows it's us out there. These guys are men you will always remember and treasure.”

In the following two seasons, teammates were limited in their interaction at the practice facility due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Beckham invited his teammates to his home to borrow any clothes or shoes from his large closet.

Multiple players lobbied Cleveland to keep OBJ, after Beckham's father publicly ripped Mayfield.

Safety John Johnson IIIThat was it. “Flat out.”

According to one source, Beckham's exit from Cleveland “poisoned Mayfield's well” with some of his teammates.

Soon after Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said Beckham would not be returning, another starter was asked whether he had seen Beckham Sr.'s video of Mayfield throwing the ball to his son. “Why would I want to watch the video?” According to a source, the player was asking rhetorically. “I see it every other day in practice.”

Cleveland was already investigating Watson at the time Beckham was released. Watson had been on the Texans active roster, but didn't play in the 2021 season. Watson's introductory news conference, March 25, was the climax of which Andrew Berry, general manager, stated this.

Berry spoke about the team's investigation into Watson, saying, “It was through these really five-month long odysseys, and information we were able to gather and reference work, as well as obviously working through due procedure, that we got comfortable pursuing the trade in Deshaun.”

Mayfield struggled as Mayfield was not able to perform well when Watson was considered by the Browns.

Christmas Day saw Mayfield throw four interceptions against Green Bay, a loss that hurt Cleveland's playoff hopes. Johnson, who was on the reserve/COVID-19 roster, returned to Cleveland following Mayfield's second intercept. immediately tweeted“RUN THE DAMN BOWL!”

The Browns had the chance to win the fourth quarter despite the turnovers. The loss was sealed when Mayfield was again picked off. Cleveland would be mathematically eliminated before it could play another match in the postseason.

Mayfield later said, “I hurt that team.” It was just missed throws. There is no excuse.

According to multiple sources Mayfield had lost confidence in himself and Stefanski had lost faith in him, even though they had enjoyed a successful year together during Cleveland's surprise playoff run.

This feeling was amplified the next week at a Monday Night Football game held in Pittsburgh on Jan. 3. Mayfield was dismissed nine times during what would be his final game for the Browns. He then criticized Stefanski's game plan.

“When you have got [NFL defensive player of the year] T.J. WattWe're not going to give our rookie tackle a chance. [James Hudson]Mayfield said that Mayfield had at one time thrown 10 consecutive incompletions during the 26-14 loss.

Mayfield struggled through an interminable performance. The Browns kept him in for the final offensive play, which turned out to be an interception.

Multiple sources say that Mayfield's close friends wondered if Browns was trying to make Mayfield seem as unhappy as possible in primetime to help the franchise explain why it may be moving on in the offseason.

A Browns spokesperson declined to comment.

Mayfield stated to reporters that he was deciding whether or not he will play against Cincinnati after the loss in Pittsburgh.

He said, “I'm an extremely compliant guy.” “Now is the time to look at my best interests and my health.

Multiple sources have claimed that Mayfield had become frustrated with Cleveland's situation over the years. In league history, Mayfield was fourth to have played for four different coaches during his three first seasons. Multiple sources claim that the Browns took Mayfield's fifth-year option, but they did not engage Mayfield's camp last offseason to discuss extension talks. Mayfield received that signal from the Browns that they were unsure of his ability to be their quarterback long-term. Berry repeatedly refused to comment on Mayfield’s contract status since last offseason.

However, Mayfield was a key part of the Browns' offseason plans.

Berry stated in January that “we fully expect Baker will be our starter” and “we bounce back.”

Mayfield remained committed to the Browns despite the turmoil of 2021.

Sources describe his exit interview to Stefanski as productive. Mayfield's rehab from Jan. 19 surgery for the labrum repair was well ahead of schedule, according to sources. Cleveland traded for wide receiver Amari CooperMayfield reached him on March 12th to discuss the possibility of a throwing event.

Berry informed Mayfield’s agent during the February combine that the Browns would be interested in an All-Pro quarterback. Russell WilsonOr Aaron RodgersAccording to a source familiar about the conversation, he said yes. Mayfield's camp knew Watson was on Cleveland's shortlist. The Browns went all out to capture Watson after a Texas grand jury from Harris County declined to bring criminal charges against him on March 11.

Multiple sources claim that Mayfield was even more upset when he learned via social media that on March 15, Berry, Stefanski and Browns owners Jimmy Haslam were flying from Cleveland to meet with Watson. Mayfield had to wait until the Browns officials returned to Cleveland before he could make his decision. posted a letter on social mediaThanking Cleveland and its supporters for “truly embracing who I am.”

On the “YNK Podcast”, he later stated that he felt “disrespected” and “disrespected by” the Browns.

He said that he was told one thing, but they did the exact opposite.”

Multiple sources say that Mayfield finally lost his grip on Cleveland. Chris Mortensen, an ESPN NFL insider, said that Mayfield believed Mayfield had left Cleveland. He also claimed that Mayfield was told by the Browns that he wanted to be an adult quarterback.

The next day, Mayfield requested a trade. Watson was signed by the Browns to a five year deal, worth $230 million, which was fully guaranteed, the day following.

“Contrary what is out in the press,” Jimmy Haslam told the media on a video conference with him following Watson's introductory news conferences.[I know]Baker believed that [“adult” comment]However, ownership isn't the only way to get your home. Baker gave it all he had during his time here.

“Nobody can be held responsible for his efforts in the past year, nor can anyone hold him responsible for the four years of service he provided to Cleveland.”

It was a wild ride. It is not over yet.

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