Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick punters in the fourth round of the NFL draft

A little history of the NFL punter was made Saturday.

The NFL draft saw the selection of two punters for the first-time since 2007. The Baltimore Ravens selected Penn State's Jordan StoutWith the No. 130 overall selection, and the Tampa Bay BuccaneersGeorgia is the best choice Jake CamardaThree more spots.

Surprisingly, San Diego State punter was able to take Camarda and Stout. Matt AraizaAfter setting an NCAA record of 51.1 yards, he became the “punt god”, and is now well-known.

Stout, who established a Penn State record of 46.6 yards, was the highest punter taken by Penn State since 2019. Mitch WishnowskyBy the San Francisco 49ersThat draft.

Stout's arrival likely signifies the departure Sam KochKoch, 39, has played in a franchise record of 256 games. Koch, 39, is the punter with the highest cap ($3.175m) this year. Baltimore could free $2.1 million by cutting Koch. This would allow the team to sign a wide receiver and pass rusher after the draft.

In the last four rounds of the draft, two punters were drawn. It was 15 year ago. Jacksonville JaguarsSelect Adam Podlesh Pittsburgh SteelersIn the fourth round, Daniel Sepulveda was victorious.

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