Bengals QB Joe Burrow discovers Tyler Boyd as TD right before stepping out of bounds

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati BengalsDraft Joe BurrowTo bring team success that it hasn’t had in a long time.

In Saturday's wild-card match against the NFL, the quarterback is well on his way to accomplishing that feat. Las Vegas Raiders. Burrow found the third and fourth at the end the first half. Tyler BoydA 10-yard touchdown.

Burrow was dangerously close to being out-of-bounds before he released his ball. This prompted discussion among officials and led to an inadvertent whistle.

The NFL rules state that the play should have been stopped because of the accidental whistle. The sequence was allowed to continue, and the Bengals held a lead of 20-6 on the throw with 1 minute left in the first quarter.

The NFL's longest playoff drought is currently held by the Bengals. Cincinnati hasn’t won a playoff contest in 31 years. Burrow is trying to make a difference and bring about a historic win.

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