Bob Melvin, San Diego Padres manager, has undergone prostate surgery

SAN DIEGO PadresManager Bob Melvin underwent a prostate operation Wednesday. The team indicated that no updates would be made until next week.

The Padres didn't provide further information when they announced Melvin’s procedure in the team's 7-5 defeat to the Padres Chicago Cubs.

Melvin stated Tuesday that he doesn't believe he has cancer. However, doctors would not know until he underwent surgery. He indicated that he was hoping to miss the six first games of the team’s nine-game road trip. The next leg begins Friday night. AtlantaContinues throughout Philadelphia San Francisco.

Ryan Christenson, the bench coach, took over as interim manager when the Padres beat Cubs 5-4.

Melvin was fired from Oakland on November 1. Melvin stated that he was experiencing various symptoms since returning from a roadtrip a week earlier.

Christenson also took over for Melvin last Thursday and was scheduled to return Monday night. However, Melvin felt well enough that he could be in the dugout. The Padres reported that Melvin was experiencing a gastrointestinal problem.

Christenson is a former player in the big leagues and he came from Oakland where he was a bench coach for four seasons.

Melvin said, “He is a future manager who is waiting for the right time.” You can ask any one of these guys about how influential he is in any of their roles. He has been with me for a while and will manage at some point. He sees the game in the same way that I do and will manage it exactly the same way. He should not miss a beat after we have been together so long.

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