Bob Melvin, San Diego Padres manager returns to the dugout following prostate surgery

SAN FRANCISCO – A happy and grateful Bob Melvin returned as the manager of the hotel San Diego PadresFor the first of three games in San Francisco, Friday, just two weeks after having prostate surgery.

Melvin was wearing his uniform again in the visitor's room, the first time he had worn it since May 9, the day before he announced that he would have surgery. Melvin underwent the operation on May 11, and has been recuperating at home ever since.

According to the 60-year old manager, it was difficult for him to be gone. However, Ryan Christenson, bench coach, and the rest of his staff helped keep things in order while he was gone.

Melvin said, “It went well. That's what you can share with me.” “I'm glad to be back. It's awful to be gone. One (game), however, can help you gain some perspective. This is actually quite good. Anything beyond that, it's just plain miserable. It's just that I'm back.

Melvin was relaxed and comfortable while meeting reporters. After meeting with Larry Baer (the Giants CEO), Melvin turned to catch up on batting practice, and then returned down the tunnel to the visitor's dugout at Oracle Park.

Melvin expressed his gratitude to the staff at UC San Diego where he had the procedure. The Padres assured Melvin that there was no cancer.

Melvin stated, “It's inspiring to watch people care so deeply about people. “I have a lot respect for the people at UCSD.

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