Boston Celtics believe that the pain of their NBA Finals loss “propels us forward”

BOSTON — Following their season-ending loss at the Golden State Warriors On Thursday night, Game 6 at TD Garden in the NBA Finals, the message came from the Boston Celtics They believed that the future was bright and that their loss was just the beginning.

“It is definitely difficult.” Marcus Smart This was what he said about Boston's 103 to 90 loss to Golden State. It's certainly one of those things that we've gone through hell to get there, and you can take that. You get the idea. That's what we have to do.

“It's going a tough. This is what I know for sure. “I'm looking at it and seeing all the hardships we went through to get here, just so that we have this opportunity.”

The Celtics, having won their first three elimination playoff games, could not make it happen again Thursday due to their ongoing offensive problems.

Finals MVP gets all of the attention Stephen CurryBoston held the Warriors to a score of around 100 points in each game. However, Jayson Tatum However, the Celtics' offensive end was a failure, with Boston committing one turnover after the other.

The Celtics had another 22 turnovers during Game 6. Tatum, who had five of these giveaways and finished the postseason with a NBA record 100 giveaways.

The game opened with Boston looking like it would be profitable. The Celtics came out firing at both ends, running an aggressive offense and harassing Warriors defensely. This allowed Boston to jump to a 14-2 lead just four minutes into the game, which sent the TD Garden crowd into a frenzy.

The Warriors then responded. The Warriors responded. And they responded. Golden State scored every minute. Boston kept turning over the ball. The Warriors led by the end of the quarter. One Golden State would not relinquish that lead. The advantage grew to 15 by halftime. While the Celtics battled valiantly in second half, they never really threatened to come back.

Tatum said, “This is hard, getting to the point and not accomplishing our goals.” Tatum was silent during his 40-minute stint on the podium following his latest bad game in this series. He finished with 13 points after shooting 6-for-18 in 40 minutes. “It hurts. We all could have done better. I think I could have done many things better. You know what? We competed, tried all season and all playoffs.

However, even though they tried, it wasn't enough for the Boston team to solve the problems presented by Golden State. The Celtics were able overcome the obstacles they presented themselves from a turnover- and execution standpoint. Milwaukee Bucks The Eastern Conference semifinals and finals were held at the Miami Heat Finals of the Eastern Conference

The Warriors were an entirely different story. Curry and Golden State’s experienced roster kept Boston busy throughout the series. Tatum, in particular, struggled to adjust.

As Boston begins a long offseason, many are wondering what could have been, especially after the fourth quarters of winnable Games in Games 4 and 5. And after finishing the postseason with a disappointing 6-6 record at TD Garden, Celtics coach Imeudoka, who was here on the San Antonio Spurs The Miami Heat lost seven games to them in 2013. Their coaches said that this loss would linger.

“It will hurt. It will be painful for a while. It's likely that this stuff will never go away. I've lost one before.

“That was part and parcel of the message. Let it propel you forward, the experience. This season was a year of growth and progress. Naturally, it is hard to achieve your ultimate goal when you fall short of it. There are many guys out there [that are] Right now, very emotional.”

Tatum was clearly one of them, and he looked uncomfortable speaking for the majority of his postgame conference news conference. Robert Williams, the big man who has overcome the knee pain that plagued him most of the playoffs, is Boston's most important player in this series.

When asked when he would be moving forward from the loss, he replied that “it don't stop hurting”. “Honestly, it doesn't stop hurting until we get back to this place again. It all starts at the beginning.

“Just got better, man. It's time to do better. Everyone has to step up and add some intensity to what they're doing. It doesn't stop hurting.

The Celtics still believe that Boston is in good shape and the future looks bright. The contract of all eight top players in the team's rotation is up for next season. Al Horford It is older than 27.

After a slow start that saw Boston sit at 23-24 in February, the Celtics completely turned the tables, going 28-7 to finish the year and then becoming superstars Kevin DurantGiannis Antetokounmpo Jimmy Butler The latter two are in seven-game sets — to get it this far.

Boston couldn't overcome the combination of Curry, veteran moxie and Warriors experience. The Celtics now look back on what could have happened and are excited for where the franchise is going after reaching the NBA Finals for only the second time in 12 years.

“The future is bright.” Jaylen Brown said. “I see adversity in a positive way as an opportunity to mold an individual. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t our time. We still have a lot of things to learn. Personally, there's still so much to learn.

“It's always about growing. Continue to improve, continue to discover new ways to lead. This is what it all boils down to. The future is bright. “I'm looking forward to coming back next year.”

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