Boston Celtics are confident that ‘a lot more great basketball is still ahead of us’ after their Game 4 loss

SAN FRANCISCO — Boston Celtics They once again failed to seize the opportunity of home court security by dropping Game 4 in the NBA Finals Friday night.

Boston is confident that it can secure the road win it needs, even though the series moves back to Chase Center for Game 5 on Monday night.

Celtics forward, “You can take positives from anything,” Jaylen Brown said. “Obviously, I believe we could be in a better place than we are, but we aren't. It's 2-2. It's still nothing to worry about. There is still a lot of great basketball ahead of us. You learn from your mistakes and move forward. We are still in a great place, I believe.

“I am excited to see how the team responds over the next few days. It's thrilling. It's the largest stage in the world. I'll take my group, our guys, over anyone. So that's why I'm looking forward.

Brown has plenty to be optimistic about Boston's chances of beating the odds. Golden State Warriors. Although the Celtics will need to win at minimum one more road match to claim the NBA title, they have enjoyed more success away from home in the playoffs than when they played at TD Garden. As of Game 5, the Celtics have a record 8-3 in postseason road games, compared with 6-5 at home.

Boston has won seven of the seven playoff games after losing one, and is now 13-1 in such games, since the Celtics started turning their season around in January.

Ime Udoka, Celtics coach said that they put themselves in a position to extend the lead and go up 3-1. “But, the bottom line is that we're at 2-2, and that means we earned it, not being down by 0-2 or even 1-2, whatever the case may have been. After beating Golden State here, I'm certain they would have the same opinion. We all know this is a long series. We've been tested in two seven-game series, in Milwaukee and Miami.

Boston's confidence is also based on the experiences they had against Milwaukee and Miami in their Eastern Conference semifinals or finals. The Celtics were on the road to win elimination games against both teams, which gives them hope that they can do the same this time.

Tatum stated that “(Game 4 was a hard loss, but we understand that.” “We've been to this place before. This is the third time in succession that I feel like this has been done before. We know what it takes. We are aware of what we need to do, and how to pay attention to details. I feel as confident as I have throughout the playoffs. I know we'll be able to respond and do better for Monday's game.

Boston is also focusing on the fact that there are certain things that they can control. If they do, it should result in positive outcomes. Boston is 18-2 in games where Tatum has more than seven assists, which includes 15 consecutive victories. Similar to the previous point, the Celtics are 14-2 when Boston has 15 or fewer turnovers during this postseason. This includes victories in Games 1 through 3.

Boston is 0-6 when it commits 16 turnovers or more, including losses in Games 2 & 4.

Udoka stated, “I think the narrative shifts to Curry and what's he doing.” They are scoring the same points in both wins and losses. Our offense was a big factor in the fourth quarter. We had numerous opportunities throughout the game. They were up five to six to seven. However, poor offense and turnovers kept them in the game. We took advantage and extended the lead. We were solid. We were strong.

“That was the case with Game 4, when we had our chance.”

The Celtics will be facing a problem heading into Game 5 as they have throughout the series: Robert Williams, their starting center, has been suffering from ongoing pain in his left knee.

Williams was plus-6 in Game 4 for 31 minutes, finishing with 7 points. 12 rebounds. 4 assists. A steal and two blocks. Williams was asked to leave with less than four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter because of an awkward landing on his left knee. Williams is currently dealing with a bone injury and has had surgery on the meniscus two and a half months back.

Udoka and he said they felt better Sunday and that they were optimistic about him returning to the court for Game 5.

“Feeling good,” Williams said. Williams said that he felt “a little sore,” but it was a side effect of the better days (that I've had).

“I was actually looking for that clip (to see the events). Although I cannot tell you whether it was the jumping, landing, or just the general soreness of the man, I can tell you that it was typical. As I said, however, I feel good.”

Udoka continued to state that Williams' injury was not triggered by any specific play. Williams will still need to go through pregame testing but Udoka feels confident Williams will be able.

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