Boston Celtics loses to Golden State Warriors for the fourth NBA title in eight seasons

BOSTON — The Boston Marathon is celebrating its fourth anniversary in eight years. Golden State Warriors They beat the defending NBA champions to be crowned NBA Champions. Boston Celtics On Thursday night, Game 6 of the NBA Finals was played at 103 to 90.

The Warriors are the only team in NBA history that won a championship on Boston’s court.

Stephen Curry Golden State was led by him scoring 34 points on 12-of-21 scoring including 6-of-11 shooting from 3-point range. He had seven assists and seven rebounds, as well as two steals.

The title-clinching win by the Warriors on Thursday night was a testament to their depth and the many players who can step up at any time.

Draymond Green His best game of series was 12 points, on 5-of-10 shooting, with 12 rebounds, 12 assists, and two steals. After missing the first 12 attempts, he also made two 3-pointers. On the other hand, he was unable to make any progress. Green being the primary defender, the Celtics only shot 9-17 from the floor on Thursday night.

Andrew Wiggins His strong streak continued with 18 points and six rebounds. He also had five assists, five rebounds, four steals, and three blocks. Jordan Poole A further 15 were added to the bench Klay Thompson Scored 12 points. Gary Payton II Although he only scored six points, he finished the season with a net-rating of plus-18.

The Warriors were struggling to win series in the postseason. Golden State was 0-3 heading into Game 6 in close-out on road games. The Celtics were at 3-0 when facing elimination.

It looked like both teams were headed for the same fate early on. Boston took a 14-2 lead just four minutes into the game. The game was dominated by the next nine minutes, which saw the Warriors win their seventh consecutive double-digit victory. This tied the record for most wins by any team in the last 25 postseasons. The 2011 and 2012 Heat each had seven.

Green made his first 3-pointer in the series with just over a minute remaining in the first quarter. Curry followed that play by hitting a 3-pointer to give Warriors the lead for the night. This sequence was completed by Poole scoring a 29-foot 3 pointer the next time down.

The Warriors outscored Celtics 35-8 in the middle quarter, and a 21-0 run lasting four minutes.

The Warriors' aerial assault continued, but the Celtics fans who made TD Garden one the most difficult arenas to play in sank into their seats. Meanwhile, the louder, bolder travelling fans in blue, gold, and green became louder.

Many pushes were made by the Celtics. They even reduced the Warriors' lead down to nine in the final quarter.

Boston made timely shots in fourth quarter, but remained at arms length. The Celtics couldn't get any closer. The Warriors stopped, kept hitting shots and finally, the Celtics lost.

As time expired, the Warriors stormed onto the court, with Curry, Green, and Thompson feeling the same way they did many times before. Younger players like Gary Payton II, Poole, and Wiggins felt it for their first time.

It was a moment of full circle for Golden State.

They showed they still had it two years after the questions about their dynasty rose. They had just won the title after missing the playoffs twice in a row. They are the best team within the NBA, despite having the league's worst record 2 years ago.

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