Brad Marchand, Boston Bruins winger, calls his actions stupid but not suspension-worthy

Brad Marchand did not hold back when addressing his six-game suspension for roughing/high-sticking Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry.

BostonAfter an incident between the Penguins and Bruins on Tuesday, Marchand punched Jarry in his head. Jarry then was escorted off ice by officials and Jarry then got in the mask using the end of his stick.

“Was that stupid? It was obviously stupid. Marchand said Friday, “I'm not denying that.” “I should not have done that. But [was it] suspension-worthy? “I don't believe so.”

Marchand received the eighth and longest suspension in his NHL career by the Department of Player Safety. Marchand will lose $448,170.72 of his salary and have lost more than $1.4 million in salary over the course o these bans. He was previously suspended twice for five games and had been suspended for three more games this season because of slew footing. Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

Marchand considers this suspension, in particular, as a bleeding into his current one. He called it “very, very heavy” and said that it was six games long.

“[Those]Marchand stated that Jarry was not in danger from the plays. He sustained no injury from that play. He was very well taken care of. It is historical and not based on play that the six-game suspension was given. We believe that the suspension I received for three games was too harsh. Based on the fact I have turned my game around, and am a very good player in this league, it should have been one. It's not possible to ignore the history of my career, which ultimately led me to this. [suspension].”

Marchand indicated that he is looking into appealing the decision in this instance. However, Marchand stated that he does not intend to change his game.

He stated, “I am not going to justify that I did what I did right.” “But this was a very, extremely deep suspension for those actions. I have always been an emotional guy. This part of my personality will never change. Because that is what makes me the player and player that I am, I won't want it to change. It's all about reining it in.”

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