Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics President, lauds Derrick White and Daniel Theis after a hectic deadline day

Boston CelticsBrad Stevens, president of basketball operations, announces that the acquisition guard Derrick WhiteFrom the San Antonio SpursIt was an instance of being presented with an offer that was too good not to take.

Stevens stated that Derrick is a good match for our best players, stating this during a Friday morning video conference call. He is an outstanding defender. He is a great defender. He is a man who cares only about winning. For offense, it's enough to make basic plays.

“We were really lucky to have been able to secure a man like that on a long-term contract that we believe is, again, a perfect match for our best players.”

White, who has been signed through 2025 is familiar with Jayson Tatum, Jaylen BrownAnd Marcus SmartAfter playing with them in the 2019 World Cup, he now lives with them. White also had the opportunity to spend time with Ime Udoka, who was an assistant coach for Spurs earlier in his career.

White, a guard with two-way ability is scoring 14.4 points per game and giving out 5.6 assists. However, following a long trend for the Celtics, White is shooting 31% from 3-point range this season, which is slightly below his career average. Smart and White are expected to form a formidable partnership in Boston's backcourt. White is also a passer for a team that was lacking in those players before the deadline.

White's contract averages just over $17million per season. However, it was not cheap. Boston traded its 2022 first-round pick (top-four protected), and made a pick trade with the Spurs 2028. Stevens acknowledged that this move was difficult for him.

However, White's fit was ultimately worth it.

Stevens stated that “I think the analysis of this is that we've got some really talented players and we have a player that fits in perfectly with them, which can only make them more valuable.”

Stevens reiterated this point Friday, namely finding players capable of making Boston's best players even better. This was his number one priority going into the deadline. It was also a topic that was very busy for the Celtics.

Although Boston was expected to pay the luxury tax, the Celtics started the day slightly over the limit. Dennis SchroderHe was moved — and he was — but there was still a lot roster turnover.

White and Daniel TheisHe came to Boston while seven Celtics players were sent — Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford, P.J. Dozier, Bol Bol, Enes Freedom, Bruno FernandoSchroder and in three deals Thursday, leaving them five roster spots open.

Stevens stated that the Celtics will be looking to add skilled players to their depth. However, he noted that second-year players will have more opportunities. Payton PritchardAnd Aaron Nesmith.

Theis's return to Boston is from HoustonIt was a surprise that he left his contract with three years to go. The Celtics then sent him off in a last-minute deal last year to avoid the luxury tax.

Stevens stated that Theis was a great complement to the other centers of the team. Robert WilliamsAnd Al HorfordThey can both play, and if one of them is unable, he can instantly step in and produce.

Stevens stated, “The Theis movement came about really late.” We had spoken to them several times in the last few days but this was very late. We didn't think there would be anything, and in the last 20 minutes, it all comes together as one big move.

“… Theis understands how to make our best players more successful. The best thing about him is that he has a natural ability to help others. He has a great sense of humor and a keen eye for the details.

Boston has been performing well of late and is playing as well in recent weeks as any team within the league. Friday's home match against the Denver NuggetsThe Celtics have won six straight and eight of their last nine games. They have also outscored teams by nearly 189 points in that stretch, almost double the amount of the second-ranked NBA team. Memphis GrizzliesAt 105 points) in the same time frame.

Stevens claimed that Boston's deadline moves were not influenced in any way by its recent play. Instead, they were looking forward to the playoffs and beyond. White and Theis will be great assets during a seven game series, according to Stevens.

Stevens stated that the most important thing about this project isn't just about the next three-months. This is about adding guys you can see playing in a seven game knockdown, drag out playoff series, and you know they can play a part in helping you win. Although they do things very differently, both men can do the same thing and can continue doing so for years.

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