Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets’ Field Coordinator, struggles from the field again as Boston Celtics win 2-0 lead

BOSTON Brooklyn NetsStar forward Kevin DurantHe endured the worst statistical period of his career in Wednesday's 114-107 Game 2, loss to the Philadelphia. Boston Celtics.

According to ESPN Stats and Information, Durant was 0-for-10 from field in the second period. This is the highest number of field goal attempts by a player in his career without making a field goal, and the lowest percentage of field goals attempted. Durant now stands at a total of 13-for-40 after he finished Wednesday's 4-17th game.

He said, “It's up to me to finish it and figure out.” “I don’t expect my teammates or defense to give anything. I have to just get out there and be a player.”

Durant still managed 27 points. He did this mainly by making free throws, where he was only 18-of-20. Durant said that the Celtics were throwing multiple bodies at his feet wherever he moves on the floor.

Durant stated that “they're playing two, 3 guys off me sometimes against me when I'm off my ball.” “They're messing with my actions when I run away from stuff — they see me.” [Al]Horford left his man to go over and hit me sometimes. I've had two or three men hit me everywhere I went. That's the nature of the beast during the playoffs. While I felt that I made a couple of good shots, I didn't get down on the fourth. However, I can see their guys around me every single time I get a ball. So I have to be patient but also fast sometimes.

As they lead the series 2-0, Durant's game plan has been nearly perfected by the Celtics. Boston's Jayson TatumDurant was called “one of our most gifted scorers” and it was clear that the Celtics were trying to make Durant's life more difficult.

Tatum stated that “it can't be simple.” “Can't give him open eyes, rhythm shots, and other things like that. You just have to follow the game plan. We will do our best to make it difficult for him.

After another solid defensive performance against one the most offensive players in the game's history, Ime Udoka, the Celtics coach, echoed this sentiment.

Udoka claimed that Durant was limited in his space. “We want him to work defensively and offensively, have bodies on him all the time and try and wear him down.”

What can the Nets do for Durant to get back on track in Game 3?

Nets protect Kyrie IrvingHe said that everyone on the team will be held accountable for the way the first two games went. He said that he believes he could do better to help Durant see more clearly.

Irving stated, “I just need to get him to his places and make the game easier. With the help of the coaches and a game plan to attack the defense, I believe that I can do this.” “We are going against the top team in defense in this league. It's been proven, so it won't be easy but it is possible.

Steve Nash, the Nets coach, and his staff will have to make arrangements to allow Durant to play on the floor. However, the frustrated Nets team looked and sounded dejected after losing yet another playoff game on Wednesday.

Nash spoke out about the Celtics' defense against the Nets' most important star. “They're all over him, getting in his face, grabbing and holding him. All the usual stuff you expect. He just seemed uncomfortable. It's not clear that he has been able to find his rhythm.

Irving, who scored 39 points in the first game, managed to score just 10, going only 4-for-13 from beyond the circle. This was the first time that the Nets and Irving had combined to shoot less than 33 percent from their field in 55 games.

Durant stated that “they're doing an excellent job of trying to reduce my scoring.” Durant said, “Trying to limit the shotmaking. Two or three people are competing, or someone's in the lane while I drive. They might double there and there, but they're doing a great job. It's up to me to solve it.”

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