Brooklyn Nets wait to see if Ben Simmons is available.

NEW YORK — Ben Simmons‘Status for Game 4 against The Boston CelticsAs the Brooklyn NetsWe will see how his back responds to the previous few days of practice.

Simmons, who was able to request a trade from the NBA, has not been in an NBA game since June 20, when Simmons asked for a trade. Philadelphia 76ersNash indicated that Nash is still evaluating the situation. Simmons has been suffering from a herniated disk since February.

After Sunday's practice, Nash replied that he didn't know if Simmons would play on Monday. “It just depends on how he improves each hour and where he is at that moment.”

Sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that sources had informed him on Friday, prior to the Nets'. 109-103 lossIn Game 3 Saturday night — Simmons will be in the game, barring any setbacks planned to playIn Game 4, the Nets believed that the forward could contribute between 10 and 15 minutes.

Simmons was purchased by the Nets shortly before the February deadline. However, Simmons was optimistic about his chances of playing against the Celtics in a Friday interview. The tone of the series changed after Brooklyn fell to a 3-0 deficit.

Nash was asked by a reporter if it was fair for Simmons to be in such a situation in his first game.

Nash replied, “That's quite a question.” “Participation in the decision has to go to Ben. He must be 100% committed. So that is fair. It's not all about Ben. It's not like you said, “Ah, come on Ben, you didn’t play Ben.” This is an exceptional situation. He hasn't played with his team. It's not easy to get into the playoffs after such a long period without playing or injury.

“So it shouldn't be concluded that he plays or not. Plays well or doesn't. All that stuff can have a positive or negative effect on the team. It's impossible to make a narrative from it. This is exactly the situation that we are in. As with all the other variables that we have faced in this year's past, let us face them as best we can and continue to move forward.

Simmons could play in a playoff matchup with players he's never played before. Simmons is the only veteran player on the Nets roster who has not participated in the few 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 scrimmages he's been involved in in the past week.

Nets guard Bruce BrownWhen asked if Simmons would play, he replied: “That's beyond my pay grade.”

Nets protect Seth CurrySimmons was also acquired by Simmons from the 76ers. Simmons laughed at the uncertainty of the situation Sunday.

Curry, like many Nets players doesn't know if Simmons will be there but he hopes Simmons will look just as good if he does.

Curry said, “Hopefully he’s close to Ben I’ve seen in the past.” “Big, long body defensively. Protect yourself from the opposition. Provide some pace, rebounds, transition game and playmaking. If he plays, everything he brings. It may just be a boost in energy.

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