Bruce Lee sentenced to 1.5 Years in Prison for Chicago White Sox ticket Scheme

CHICAGO — Chicago ticket broker is convicted of selling tickets fraudulently to White SoxGames was sentenced Tuesday to imprisonment after a federal judge dismissed his argument that he had in fact helped the team by placing more concession-buying fans into the seats.

After a jury had found Bruce Lee guilty of fraud in October, a judge sentenced him to 1 1/2 years federal prison. U.S. District Judge James Kennelly ordered Lee to pay $74,650 in repartee to the White Sox along with his co-defendants, and to forfeit $450,000 in illgotten gains. Chicago Tribune reported.

Lee's attorney's argument in the sentencing memo asking for probation for Lee was not convincing, and the judge stated that he was not convinced. Defense argued that the scheme provided a benefit to the baseball team through concession stands and that they didn't value the tickets.

Kennelly called the suggestion of no harm being done “delusional” and stated that it was important to point out to anyone else who might be interested in a similar scheme. They might get caught and lose their freedom.

Kennelly stated that “the math must include the possibility of me being caught paying these people below the table, and I'm going lose my liberty.” “Without this, it's only dollars & cents.”

Lee, who owns Great Tickets, a Chicago-based ticket broker, was arrested in 2020. He was also accused of participating in a sophisticated scheme to sell thousands of fake tickets to White Sox games.

Federal prosecutors at the time stated that the scheme brought in close to $1 million for three men.

Costello, 67, pleaded guilty and O'Neill 52 to their respective roles in the scheme. They both cooperated in the investigation and await sentencing.

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