Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies trades hats to a fan

Here's a cool hat trick by NL MVP Bryce Harper. The PhilliesThe slugger exchanged caps with a fan at Citizen Bank Park.

It's a great way end to a day at The Ballpark.

Guess what? Harper initiated the trade, and not the Philly fan and native.

Harper missed his fourth consecutive game due to the lingering effects from a platelet rich plasma injection in his right elbow. The fan-friendly star spent the afternoon scanning the scene from his dugout while watching the Padres' afternoon game. Harper noticed a hat near the dugout, a maroon bill bearing the words “Philadelphia Phillies” and the P.

Gavin McHugh (21-year-old senior from Auburn) was at the Phillies' first game of the season along with some friends. They tried to get Harper's attention, “just for the heck of it,” and were able to capture McHugh's second row diamond club seat near home plate. McHugh uploaded photos from his second row seat in the diamond club near home plate to his Instagram stories and wrote, “This will do.”

But there's more.

McHugh and his pals tried to get Harper's attention in typical Philly fashion.

“Yo, Bryce!”

Harper waved at his fans. McHugh, McHugh, and his friends were “pretty amped, pretty hyped.”

The group walked into the bottom of sixth and Harper tried to grab their attention. Harper also signed his game-official Philadelphia Phillies hat.

McHugh called to say that McHugh was looking around as if he were a little child about to give the hat to him.

McHugh's Twitter feeds went wild after he posted about the exchange. McHugh's friend had bought the hat at one of the baseball park stands on Thursday.

Harper told Harper that he was like “Yo bro, can you swap hats? McHugh.”

McHugh saw the trade and instantly became enthralled by it on social media. McHugh admitted that Harper wasn't his friend, but he laughed and said, “hopefully, we can get together down the road.”

A little more than an ordinary foul ball.

Harper stated that Harper liked the hat and signed his copy. Harper also asked Harper if Harper would trade. “He was cool about it all and made it happen. It was always a pleasure to interact with the fans at home.

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