Canadian Football League and players’ union strike tentative labor agreement, which will end the strike

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) and its players' union reached a tentative agreement for a new labor contract. This will end the second strike in CFL history.

The CFL board must approve the contract. Players should report to their teams and go through a walkthrough.

In a memo sent to its members, the CFLPA stated that the strike was over.

The union stated that it would inform the league that they had approved a Memorandum of Agreement, and that the strike was over. “We think the clubs will want training camp to begin soon, and players should expect to hear back from them,” said the union.

Four days ago, players from seven of the nine league teams didn't show up to training camp.

Talks between union and league broke off Saturday.

The original deal was signed in 2019, but it was amended to allow for a shorter '21 campaign. It expired Saturday at midnight, leaving the seven players in legal strike.

Calgary Stampeders players reported to camp as they were not legally in strike position under Alberta labor law. These players could have walked off the job on Thursday.

The regular season starts June 9th with Calgary's Montreal Alouettes taking on the Stampeders.

The CFL's previous strike in 1974 was also settled before the start of the current season.

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