Carolina Hurricanes’ Antti and Seth Jarvis start offseason in recovery mode

RALEIGH, N.C. — Carolina Hurricanes Newbie Seth Jarvis He took a beating during the Stanley Cup playoffs, including an obnoxious hit that left him with a concussion and hazy memories.

Goaltender Antti Raanta He is currently dealing with an MCL injury that would have required him to be out for 6-8 weeks if Carolina hadn't lost to the. New York Rangers In Game 7 Monday.

Jarvis feels better after the headache is gone, but Jarvis still feels sluggish and in a fog. He also has some dental work to do.

Jarvis stated that “No matter what sport you play, it's always going to take a lot of toll on different levels.” “Obviously hockey, being a fast-paced and physically demanding sport, is going to wear you out a little more. However, if I was concerned about (injuries), then I wouldn't be playing any hockey.

Rangers defenseman Jarvis leveled Jarvis Jacob Trouba In the first period, Game 7 was won with a high hit. Raanta was brought down by New York's high hit in the second. Mika ZibanejadThen, he fell face-first on the ice.

Raanta was the No. 1 goaltender Frederik Andersen In mid-April, I was unable to walk due to a torn MCL.

Raanta was unable to attend Thursday's season-ending interviews due to a limp and a black brace in his right knee. He now needs to get offseason rehab.

Raanta explained, “It's kinda like where you're no going to take any vacation now.” “It's to get back out there, get everything done.”

Jarvis was unable to crawl back to the bench after the Trouba hit. This was the scariest moment. He was too weak to sit up straight and needed help from teammates to guide him towards the locker room.

Jarvis stated that Jarvis remembers images of the game on television and teammate. Jesperi Kotkaniemi He was driven home but not further until “halfway through tomorrow probably.”

Jarvis explained, “It can be a little scary when you don’t remember anything.” “I had the doctors tell me what I was doing in my dressing room. I don't remember anything, not even the hit, getting off of the ice, or anything else. That stuff is scary.

Jarvis suffered an injury after hitting a puck in the groin of a teammate during Jarvis's first playoff run Brendan SmithThe slapshot of's in Game 4 against Boston.

Jarvis dived to stop Rangers from moving forward in Game 5 of the New York series. Ryan Strome‘s shot was taken from the slot, and ended up being struck in the mouth by Strome's stick shaft. Jarvis suffered multiple broken upper teeth but they were still there when he returned to the table.

Jarvis reported that his lip swelling is lessened, but he still requires X-rays as well as possibly root canals.

Jarvis stated that despite all this, there is no reason to “stop being fearless” on the ice.

He said, “Obviously, the concussion with you head, you want be careful with that.” But I have been banged up quite a bit over the past year. Everybody has to go through some bumps and bruises. It's nothing that's new or worrying to me.

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