Carolina Panthers’ Damien Wilson was arrested. He faces an assault charge

Carolina Panthers linebacker Damien WilsonAccording to the Dallas Morning News, he was arrested in Frisco after his ex-girlfriend claimed he threatened her with murder.

Wilson was signed by the Panthers last month. He faces a charge for assault with bodily injury to a family member, Frisco Police Sgt. Stephen Byrom sent an email to the newspaper.

Toby Shook Wilson's lawyer, refuted the allegations.

Shook stated that Danien Wilson had not been a victim of any kind of assault. “We are looking forward to all of the facts being released so his name is cleared.”

Byrom stated that he did not know if Wilson had bonded out.

A spokesperson for the Panthers told the newspaper that Wilson was being held, but did not have any further comment.

The Dallas CowboysWilson was drafted out of Minnesota by the Cowboys in 2015. He played for the Cowboys for four years. He also played for the Cowboys for two seasons. Kansas City ChiefsHe won a Super Bowl and was able to play in 2021 with The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Ryan Sokolosky, Wilson's ex, said that he arrived drunk at her apartment after she ended her relationship with Wilson. He threatened to kill her using a tire iron. She also claimed that he destroyed her laptop by wrapping it with a blanket and dropping it to the floor, telling her that he was her cat. Wilson also tried to run Wilson over, she claimed.

Sokolosky allowed her name to be used. She stated that she had obtained a protective Order against Wilson.

“He thinks all this is a joke because it's all a joke because his wealth and thinks that he's going out of everything,” she told the newspaper.

Wilson was charged with brandishing a gun and threatening to harm tailgaters at a soccer stadium in 2017. Two counts of aggravated assault using a deadly weapon were filed against Wilson. Wilson was not indicted by the grand jury.

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