Carolina Panthers LB Damien Wilson released on bond following alleged assault of ex-girlfriend in Texas

Carolina Panthers linebacker Damien WilsonWho was it? arrested last week in Frisco, TexasAfter his ex-girlfriend claimed he threatened her with murder, he is now out of jail on $5,000 bail.

Wilson was in Charlotte Monday to begin offseason workouts. He wasn't there on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Phil Snow, the defensive coordinator, refused to comment on Wilson, 28, who signed a $6.9 million, two-year deal with Carolina through free agency.

Wilson, a fourth round pick by DallasAccording to ESPN's arrest report, he was charged with assault with bodily injury to a family member in 2015. Toby Shook was his attorney and denied the allegations.

According to the arrest report, a Frisco officer was dispatched on Saturday to Wilson's Frisco apartment to respond to a domestic violence disturbance.

Sokolosky claimed that Wilson had stolen her keys and other belongings and choked her friend. She claimed that Wilson also stole her keys and choked her friend. He then wrapped her laptop in a blanket, slammed it to the ground, and told her it was her cat before driving off in a Nissan pickup.

Sokolosky stated to the responding officer that she started dating Wilson in 2020 and that their relationship lasted for approximately one and a quarter years before they split up. She claimed that she and Wilson began dating again in the past three months.

According to the arrest record, Sokolosky claimed she was at Wilson’s home most Friday before going to meet her friend and go to a local establishment. There, they ran into Wilson, who appeared to be with another girl.

According to the report, Sokolosky and her friend returned to Wilson's home and found another girl's belongings inside his bathroom. Sokolosky claimed that she took the belongings of the girl to Wilson's swimming pool, before she left with his key in the bushes.

Sokolosky, who allowed her name to be used said in an interview with the Dallas Morning NewsWilson had been caught with another woman cheating, so she told Wilson and went to his house.

Shook stated Wednesday to ESPN that Sokolosky didn't know Wilson and “didn’t possess a key” to Wilson's house.

Sokolosky said that Wilson was “hiding in the bush” when she returned home to her apartment. Sokolosky's friend stated that Wilson was hiding in the bushes when she returned to her apartment.

Sokolosky called the police with her friend. Sokolosky stated that Wilson appeared at one point with something wrapped in blankets and claimed to be Sokolosky’s cat. Sokolosky claimed that Wilson pulled her away as she tried to retrieve her cat. Her nails began to break and she was left with two broken fingers. Wilson then threw Wilson's blanket, which contained only the laptop, on the ground.

According to the police report, Wilson was identified as the primary aggressor by the responding officer who “assaulted Ryan in causing bodily injury.” Wilson will be charged with bodily injury to a relative because they were in a romantic relationship.

Sokolosky said that Wilson was drunk when he appeared from the bushes near her apartment and threatened to kill her.

The arrest report did not mention a tire iron. This could have made the charge a misdemeanor and possibly a felony.

ESPN reported that the alleged victim told reporters that Damien Wilson had threatened her life using a tire iron and threatened her with running over her. “Those would be felonies here in Texas. These allegations were not mentioned in the police report.

An officer arrived on the scene and reported that Sokolosky had sustained “visible injuries” and that Wilson had committed the crime.

There has not been a court date.

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