Chicago Cubs’ Jeff Greenberg joins the Chicago Blackhawks as their front office manager

The Chicago BlackhawksJeff Greenberg, who was previously with the Chicago Cubs as their associate general manager, is being hired by them.

Kyle Davidson, general manager of the Blackhawks, confirmed the news to ESPN on Wednesday. He said that Greenberg would “help carry them into the next generation.”

“It's where I always wanted it to go,” Davidson said to ESPN. “To bring in an outside influence and expertise that we don't currently have in-house and someone that can offer the unique perspective of how a top office can be managed.” I'm eager to gain his support for our team. He can push us to the same area that a lot other sports are right now, streamlining and modernizing the decision-making process. That's something hockey isn’t necessarily at the level.

After a broad-based search that included Greenberg (36), as a finalist, Davidson was named general manager in March. After hiring a long-serving NHL executive, Davidson now has a “core brain trust”. Norm MaciverMaciver was also an associate general manger. Maciver (57) worked 14 years for the Blackhawks before a brief stint at the The. Seattle Kraken. Maciver will be in charge of Chicago's scouting operations.

The Blackhawks are currently in the early stages of a rebuild. Davidson stated that the team is looking to restructure their office and improve its processes as they move forward. Greenberg will be in charge of building new computer and app-based information systems to streamline the organization's information. This was something he witnessed firsthand with the Cubs. Davidson stated that the team will eventually have all their information centralized and “at our fingertips”, which will “cut down on unnecessary calls.”

“I started to have conversations during the GM process and it became very obvious, and even clearer when I spoke with them.” [Davidson]And [Maciver]Recent research has shown that there is a chance to do something innovative here. It's possible to apply some of the baseball processes that helped drive decision making to this sport. This will affect everything from player acquisitions to player development, scouting, and so on.

Greenberg worked 11 years with the Cubs in baseball operations, most recently as an assistant general manager. Greenberg joined the Cubs in 2011 and was instrumental in the rebuilding that led to the 2016 World Series.

Greenberg stated that he had a unique experience working with the Cubs, including exposure to the things they were building. The ability to develop homegrown talent is crucial in order to build a championship team. This is not a new concept and should not surprise anyone who takes the time to pay attention. How do you accomplish these things is the hard part. How can you make this happen? Separation can be achieved through system building, dedication to these things, and the unwavering pursuit of the best information to make best decisions.

Greenberg holds a law diploma and has worked as a labor relations specialist for Major League Baseball. Davidson indicated that Greenberg would not necessarily be involved with the day-today matters of salary cap or contract matters. But, his team will. Davidson stated that the Blackhawks will be filling out the remaining hockey operations staff over the next few weeks.

Davidson cautioned that components Greenberg is trying to construct will take time and are not ready for immediate shipment.

Davidson stated, “We are just starting to embark on some of the initial stages of rebuild.” “I'm thrilled, and I am excited about this hire since now we have a cornerstone that will buoy our on-ice product.”

Greenberg stated that despite his professional baseball career, he was a hockey fan at heart. Greenberg started skating at age three and played hockey in his youth. He was born in Pittsburgh. Mario LemieuxHe was drafted by Pittsburgh and enjoyed Pittsburgh's success throughout the 1990s.

Greenberg will join the Blackhawks starting May 9.

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