Chicago White Sox consider Craig Kimbrel commerce following the selection of a reliever’s opportunity

CARLSBAD CA — The Chicago White SoxTransferring relievers is possible Craig KimbrelAfter selecting his $16 million contract opportunity for 2022, it took days.

Rick Hahn, White Sox basic supervisor, said Tuesday that he viewed him as a “questionably impactful reliever”, as he was for the overwhelming majority in his profession. We're not the only ones who share this opinion.

“What we need to determine now is whether it makes sense for Craig to continue playing in the White Sox uniform, or is there a better use of that spot and him possibly as a way to trade.”

Kimbrel (33), is ninth all-time in saves with 372. He was however asked to pitch the White Sox' eighth inning, after he was acquired by the crosstown team in a midseason deal. Cubs. Kimbrel's ERA soared from 0.49 for the Cubs, to 5.09 for the White Sox.

Hahn stated that it didn't go the way we expected, so perhaps there is a better use of his talents than what we have been doing. “So, we need to rethink his usage with us rather than a possible trade.”

White Sox had an allstar closer to home in Liam HendriksOnce they had given up on the second baseman, Nick MadrigalTogether with a reliever Codi HeuerKimbrel was available at the end July. Kimbrel claimed that he did not have any drawbacks in the eighth inning of the game and blamed mechanical problems for his troubles.

Hahn stated that Kimbrel is still adamant about doing the best for the team. However, his return to White Sox is uncertain and he is more than likely to pitch again in the ninth inning for another crew in 2022.

One rival government stated Tuesday that “he is pretty much as good or gone.”

Hahn acknowledged Kimbrel's inefficiency, but said he doesn't regret the decision to trade for him. White Sox brass believed he was the best reliever on the market and they often went out to get him.

He stated that although he doesn't know the exact reason he didn't work out for eight weeks, he is certain that if we want to include him in our long-term plans, we must find a way to maximize his talents. “It's easy to take a look at what happened and then go backwards and find the evidence. Then you can say, “Properly, the function wasn’t what he used to. So it should be the function.” He approached it with the same approach he would use to close alternatives.

Hahn can be assured that if the White Sox don't transfer him, they will get a team-first player in any function that they place him in.

Hahn said, “I've had many conversations with him since the season ended.” He must win.

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