Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers, becomes the sixth player in MLB history who has hit for three consecutive cycles during a career.

The Milwaukee BrewersChristian YelichWednesday was his third cycle of hitting during his career, and Wednesday he joined an exclusive club. a 14-11 lossTo the Cincinnati Reds.

Yelich's three career cycle tie him with five other players. Trea TurnerThe feat was completed by the last player. doing so on his birthday last seasonHe was there with the Washington Nationals.

Yelich's three cycles were against the Reds. The Reds have allowed 20 cycles over their history, which is second to the Reds. St. Louis Cardinals (24) all-time. He is the first player ever to win three consecutive games against a single opponent.

Yelich, the Brewers' designated batter on Wednesday, tripled in top of ninth to complete his current cycle. He had previously hit a ground-rule double, a home run at 372-foot in the top inning, and a single in top of fifth. The game was won by Yelich, who went 4-for-5 with three RBIs. He also scored two runs.

Yelich was also a part of the Reds' other two wins against them during the 2018 season. After which, he was named National League's Most Valuable Player.

Wednesday's 25 runs were the highest in any game this season. The Brewers also became the first 2022 team to lose a game despite scoring 10 runs or more. Prior to Wednesday, the teams were 53-0 when scoring 10 runs or more.

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